• Proceed, Governor.

  • Nick E. P.

    Can’t believe this guy stands a decent chance of being the next Prez.

    • DJRJ00

      Never underestimate the idiocy of Republican voters.

      • Leon Trollsky

        Or the viciousness either.

  • Mike K

    Whoever thought this cycle’s October Surprise would be in the form of a hurricane? It’s like Mother Nature said, “no such thing as global warming, huh? Paybacks are a bitch, pal!”

    This is why I don’t think people should be allowed to vote so early before the actual election. How many that voted for him a month ago are now having second thoughts?

  • Leon Trollsky
  • WordyGrrl

    And just how many of those canned goods were outdated creamed corn, beets and pumpkin pie filling?