• d

    Good thing this didn’t happen in Florida, or else we would have another Castle Doctrine whackjob story.

    • Incredulous

      “We ain’t Florida” is one of the many reasons I’m happy to be in NM.

  • Mike K

    Rearranging OTHER people’s furniture? That’s like Industrial Strength OCD.

  • Justin

    What if she sees the furniture inside our house and decides to rearrange that? What if our kids are home? What if she sells our kids drugs? Then what if she goes to the White House and rearranges the president’s furniture? And what it their kids are home? And what about the furniture in Iran? What if this woman starts an international conflict? What if we all die in a nuclear holocaust? What then? This furniture lady must be stopped.

  • jeff

    Reporting fail. This story is unless without before and after pictures.