1. I’m cautiously optimistic. Did anyone really want Lucas to helm another Star Wars film? Maybe fresh creative people will make…

    ahhh who am I kidding. It’s gonna suck nerf balls.

  2. This isn’t necessarily awful. If they get some talented writers and directors, they could have something – just don’t let Lucas anywhere near the director’s chair or the writing room.

  3. I trust the Disney company a hell of a lot more than I trust Lucas. What if they got some of the directors from Pixar working on it? It could be incredible.

  4. Star Wars is dead to me, has been for a while now. I don’t want to give Episode 1 all of the credit on that, the constant stream of games and cartoons has also done it’s fair share.

  5. I remember when I was a kid and episode 1/4 came out–Lucus was talking about nine total episodes, not six. The first three would later become the 4th, 5th and 6th episodes. The second three were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd episodes (at the time, Lucus said the only script that could stand on its own was episode 4, the first movie). Finally, there was supposed to be 3 more episodes about rebuilding the Republic, taking place after the first six. But, I haven’t heard anything about those last three since about 1978; I wonder if that concept will be resurrected?

  6. So now Disney owns Lucasfilms AND Marvel. In the spirit of Lucas’ interminable reworkings of the original 3 “Star Wars”, I think it’d be pretty cool to go back and replace Darth Vader with a CGI Dr. Doom.

  7. This is borderline funny.

    I mean, they buy Lucas arts and the first thing they announced: MORE STAR WARS MOVIES, GUYS. The marketing majors working for Disney are clearly all on cocaine.

    Of all the three “prequels” I watched only Episode 3 in theaters. Looking forward to pirate episode 7, 8 an 9. I wonder if they will be based around the Kevin J. Anderson books. With the Kip Durron storyline and all.

  8. I just hope there will be adult supervision that has the testes to say “No George, that’s a terrible idea”.

    Where do they pull material though? Several good EU storylines, go all Old Republic and a young not-wrinkly Yoda? Pull something entirely out of George’s ass and call it his ‘original vision’. Yeah, that last one probably.

  9. Can’t wait to see the fights happening in the Disney commissary between Jack Sparrow and Han Solo! It will make the fight in Blazing Saddles look like a tea party. (And it hurt to type those last two words in a sentence.) 😉

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