Advertisement for an Indian Vaginal Tightening Gel

From The Weekend Leader:

So you think getting an education, a job and being self- reliant were steps towards women’s empowerment? If you were to go by the ad of the latest vaginal gel, “true women empowerment” is all about tightening your V.

Close on the heels of a vaginal fairness cream that was launched earlier this year and was met with a huge furore comes this latest product that claims to make you feel “18 again”.

The full-page ads and TV spots promising to make women feel like a virgin again have led to outrage, prompting a furious debate among feminists and health professionals.

The obsession with looking good went to making a woman’s privates fairer and now, well, tighter.

“Like it was not enough to obsess mindlessly over fair skin – with ads harping on how degrees of lighter skin can get you a dream job, or the perfect husband.
“Now you have a vaginal cream that promises to empower by tightening you and making you feel like a virgin! It’s deplorable, to say the least,” said Sulakshana Dey, a professor in Delhi University.