1. DVD/Blu-ray from the library, DVR if it is on one of the few ‘premium’ channels I get or via on demand ‘free’ sections. On the rare occasion if I really want to see a movie and can’t find it otherwise (like Captain America) I’ll just buy the DVD. Overall don’t watch enough movies to justify Netflix or any other streaming.

  2. My wife and I prefer using our Apple TV. We loved Netflix, but being based in the UK with a fairly dated (or not exactly cutting edge) catalogue we cancelled that and just rent the occasional film.

  3. We were Netflix customers from 2005 until last year when they hiked the prices up. We loved the service while we had it and it was a great deal for us. We did the 3 at a time unlimited with streaming and our plan would have doubled in price if we had stayed with Netflix.

    We opted to drop our Netflix subscription and go with HBO instead. We get 6 (I think) HBO channels for the same price as our Netflix was and we get to use HBO Go online. It’s a pretty good deal for us since we are huge fans of pretty much all of the HBO original series and documentaries.

    On the rare occasion that we have a want or need for a rental, we use our local rental place. They have a great loyalty program so we rack up rewards and free rentals that add up.

    I will admit that we have been thinking about dropping our HBO sub. And going with a Netflix streaming only subscription. Their streaming selection is pretty crappy for adults but there are excellent options for kids and our bambino is getting old enough to enjoy kids shows. I doubt we will do it anytime soon though

  4. Netflix streaming
    Occasionally huluplus.
    Occasionally youtube (documentaries mostly).
    At most 2 disc purchases a year.

    For series, any of the previous plus Amazon streaming.

  5. The weird part of movie rentals nowadays is that there are tons of options to choose from but not one of them is a great option by itself.

    Netflix dvds was the closest thing to perfection and then they decided to make it known that they were going to start abandoning that to concentrate on streaming only which would be fine if they actually had a large streaming library which they don’t.

    Redbox is good for new releases only. Cable pay channels are hideously expensive (at least where I am since I’m limited to Comcast) and Netflix is determined to drive their base away.

    1. Netflix was the best thing since sliced bread back when they did DVD only rentals, then it got better when they added streaming, and now it’s gone to shit and seems to be steadily declining. It was nice back when you didn’t have to wait 2 weeks for new releases too.

      I agree that there is not just one good option. Everyone I know uses some combo of things to get their entertainment fixx

  6. I’ve been increasingly using Redbox. So far, I’ve had one problem with one DVD (it stopped playing partway through, because of a crack). Other than that, it’s been really handy. Except for the … people … who think it’s fine to take 5 minutes to complete a 1 minute transaction while 4 other people are clearly in line for the one single machine!

    If it’s older than Redbox, I get it from my library. If it’s new and it’s *really* good, I’ll buy it.

    I’ve been mulling getting netflix online, just to get to some old tv series… Not sure if I want to do that, not just because of the monthly fee, but also because I like watching *on my tv* while playing/reading on my laptop. Watching something *on my laptop* isn’t nearly so good, in my opinion. And I’m sure there are ways I can netflix to my tv, but that just seems like a lot of work to set up…

  7. I still use netflix, I’m beginning to like the Amazon rentals (I can stream them from my Playstation) but mostly I buy DVD/Bluray because I am a repetitive watcher. I’ve slowed down on my movie acquisition lately though because I am getting addicted to audio books and I don’t have time to sit and watch right now.

  8. We have Netflix with 2 rentals at a time and streaming; along with a full Cable package with all the HBO channels. I’ve been watching HBO since we got it in the early 90’s and have had it ever since. Netflix has a great selection as well and fits my work-heavy schedule. Yes cable prices are seriously out of control and we pay out the nose for Time Warners horrific service and outdated cable-boxes. I wish we could pay by channel and not by package because I only watch maybe 15 channels at all.

  9. Netflix and Bit Torrent , and HBO Go sometimes. If I can stream the content legally I will, otherwise not. Cost isn’t really the issue for me with regards to thievery. If I decide I want to watch something, its several days for DVD delivery vs several minutes for a torrent. Also the Netflix DVD library is far from comprehensive.

    1. THIS! This right here is why the industry keeps fucking themselves over. Most of the piracy I’ve seen or heard of are people who have just become fed up with trying to watch a show or movie through legal means and just decide to download it from the net and watch it without jumping through hoops.

      1. That’s the almost the same thing Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins said about why the music industry. “It’s too expensive. People would rather search out a torrent file than pay $1.30 for one song. When music becomes cheap enough that people say, ‘I’ll just go ahead and buy it and be done with it’, then the industry will rebound.”

    2. I do torrents mostly. I tried Netflix and it was awful. The GUI on my PS3 was hilariously bad, and unless I’m half mental, I couldn’t get a list of any even remotely comprehensive list of movies. Every movie I searched for they didn’t have. I have subsequently been told that I need to use things on my PC first.

      On demand stuff from Time Warner is lower quality than when I can get on Torrents for some reason.

      Torrents are just so easy, especially given my TV has a USB port.

  10. RedBox or Blockbuster Express (Blockbuster’s version of RedBox). Used too be Netflix, but, well, you can fill in the blanks there.

  11. I stream and exchange Netflix (because I am in the small camp of people who feel that the rate hike wasn’t a big deal), but I also stream through Amazon Prime, and I also “rent” movies from iTunes and Amazon. I watch very few movies, and rarely have enough time to even think about new releases, so waiting periods and delays go unnoticed.

  12. Netflix DVD. I’m less impressed with the overall service (delivery times, etc) than I once was, but as someone who goes more for obscure/old/indie movies than new/popular releases, I haven’t found anything that even comes close to Netflix’s selection.

  13. I get dvds from the library. It’s not like I have to watch movies as soon as they’re released on dvd, so it’s probably not for everyone, but it’s free and I can reserve online (if I know what title) and have it delivered to my most convenient branch. The librarians are extremely helpful. I prefer mostly to browse the selection and see what they have on hand, newer releases I forgot to remember, or old favorites I want to watch several times a year (if I like something enough, I eventually just buy it), and sometimes we discuss them or they have a recommendation for me. I’ve gotten into the habit of waiting out a whole series and then just watching it all at once, and they are helpful with that. I think I’m allowed 10 “dvds” out at a time, whether there is one disc in the box or 4 or 5, if it’s in the same box, it just counts as one, and keep ’em for a week, renew online for up to 3 weeks.

    I don’t like watching movies or shows on my computer, since my tv is not hooked up to the internet, I do use Hulu sometimes, but it’s a pain in the effing ass. I don’t have cable, but I do like when a decent movie comes on tv, even with commercials. I like “ThisTV” channel for some weirdo movies. If my tv was hooked up to the internet, I might watch streaming videos, but I can’t get into the shit where you have to mail stuff back, or the idea that I can only have a limited number of dvds out for … as long as I want? I can admit I won’t watch something and bring it by the library and take it out again some other time.

    The library does have new releases, if I am eager to see something as soon as possible on dvd, I just have to get my name on the reserve list early and there will be plenty of copies in the system when it finally arrives.

  14. Well, I must be old fashioned, because I still walk up the street to Blockbuster for Blu-Rays…they have a huge selection for just .99…new releases are 2.99…I thought about trying Netflix streaming through my Blu-Ray player but when I called them they couldn’t even guarantee me that the movies would be in Hi Def…WTF?!

      1. http://articles.boston.com/2012-05-13/west/31656054_1_video-stores-dvds-blockbusters

        One I was thinking of, I think Hollywood Video? on Beacon St., in Brookline, I haven’t really kept tabs on it recently though. The Blockbuster in my neighborhood shut down and is now an independent convenience store, like 2 doors away from a 7-11, I don’t know why, but they do ok, maybe it’s because 7-11 doesn’t sell water pipes or water pipe accessories.

        Also, as I elaborated below, the library system of Boston is great if you want a dvd you can put in the player, or a book, and some things available by download to your e-reader. If you don’t live in Boston proper, I just found out anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Massachusetts can get a library card at the BPL. http://www.bpl.org/index.htm A great library. You know you can reserve a pass to go to museums for free or cheap? I got into the MoS, up to 4 people, free, I’m going to the Franklin Zoo for $6. Some rich donor made that possible.

      2. Weirdly, that article is about MovieWorks in Brookline closing down just a month ago, that I swore was a Hollywood Videos. It’s the same store, soooo it’s not there anymore. Fittingly, it had stood next to a funeral home.

      3. Yeh, I know what you mean…I don’t think this Blockbuster will be around too much longer either…up until just a few years ago, there used to be three in this town alone, in addition to a few Mom and Pop video stores…this is the last one left. After this one is gone, I guess I’ll be forced to Netflix.

    1. It’s kinda like if Chris asked how do you relieve yourself from stress. Everybody would skip answering masturbation, which is the first obvious thing.

  15. Googling “Watch (insert movie title here) online free” has worked out pretty darn well for me since I dropped Netflix. You might have to wade through a few junk links before you find an actual free movie site, but they’re out there, streaming away and usually in DVD quality.

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