1. Baby oil, Buffalo wings, those are no-brainers. Where they really need a sign like that is wherever they serve Rocky Mountain oysters.

  2. Wow, that’s a relief… all this time I thought Girl Scout Cookies were made out of Girl Scouts. Sort of a soylent green dessert item.

    1. Oh, I’m sure it’s real. Never underestimate the gullibility/stupidity of the buying public. Ever heard of “Frosty Paws“? It’s a frozen ice cream treat for dogs. When we started selling them where I work, dozens of people returned them because they tasted terrible. Some didn’t even own dogs. We eventually put up a sign telling people that they were only for dogs. I guess we weren’t the only store because now the package has a notice reading, “not for human consumption.”

  3. Twenty years ago the notion of companies making what I assume is a milk formula marketed as being better for/easier to digest for cats and people buying it for far more than the cost of milk would have seemed as ridiculous as a company milking cats and selling that.

    It’s one of those things like water parks (millions of gallons of purified drinking water) that Would be hard to be the person to have to explain to a third world famine victim as a thing we have.

    1. My cat has some health problems that caused him to lose his appetite afew years ago and he lost some weight rapidly. I started buying him cat milk and yogurt as a way to get him interested in food again. Now he’s happy, healthy, and 9 lbs again!
      Today he knows he can have some milk AFTER he eats the food I’ve served him. He also begs for mango XD

  4. I can’t think of anywhere in the UK with a high enough concentration of uneducated idiots to warrant a sign like that (we don’t have a Bible Belt), so I suspect that someone placed it there as a joke.

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