1. I applaud your and Ms. Cynical’s gardening skills, looks great. I have oregano, basil and two kinds of mint going crazy but was late planting my pumpkins. Just put mini and jack o lantern seeds in, hoping I’ll have something by late October, meant to get them going by July 1.

  2. What’s on my mind?

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education is the most incompetent, inefficient, poorly-run, and poorly-led bureaucratic entity in the history of western civilization.

  3. I have a friend who is flakey that I’ve known since HS. I feel bad for not inviting her to my wedding because we have quite a bit of history together. But I know she won’t come, or even RSVP to it. I dread tracking down people to rsvp to my wedding because it feels like I’m calling them out for being a crappy person.

  4. Wow your garden looks great the heat and drought and animals have killed every thing I have except the sorghum, purple basil and dill

  5. I’m jealous. I’d send in a photo of our garden… but we’ve got both a family of chipmunks and a family of rabbits that have totally ruined our plans for Fall gazpacho. That and this drought isn’t helping. We managed to save a decent batch of cherry tomatoes, though! We;re hoping that plant survives as there’s a new batch of green ones just waiting to ripen. We’ll see what happens when we get home later today.

  6. You sure have a pretty garden. Mine was, at one time, but now the pumpkin vines are trying to strangle the corn, the tomato trellises are bending under the weight of the fruit, and the pickling cucumbers are exhausted and dying back. I am busy picking and canning as fast as I can, beans and tomatoes now. I ended up with 28 quarts of pickles. That should be enough for the in-laws and stepkids and grandkids, etc etc. I have six pumpkins big enough for jack-o-lanterns if they don’t rot before fall.

  7. Since I just came here from TYWKIWDBI, I’m thinking about mummies and how cool they are. They’re just so cool.
    Also, I’m trying to think of a good name for a made-up country, so if anyone has any ideas, that would be pretty cool too.

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