1. Reporter: “I mean do you have any remorse about stealing from a 9 year-old girl?”
    Thief: “Right now no because I’m kind of pissed because I have charges aaaaand we had to give the money back anyway so now I’m pretty pissed.”
    Poor baby!

    The best quote of the interview was: “We should have at least got to keep the money”

  2. the blond was later caught for kidnapping and robbery with a firearm (surprise!) … but only got 8 years probation – instead of the “real prison time” ™ that most anyone else would have gotten —

    newscast here:

    (ps – the linked news reporter’s vocal cadence really annoys me for some reason.)

  3. “Money ain’t got no owners… just spenders.”
    -Omar Little
    They both need to spend just one week in a prison with real felons and see how long that devil-may-care Valley Girl attitude lasts. They wouldn’t make it through one night.

  4. I want to hate her, but I just feel bad. Someone has definitely failed her in life. Probably the parents. You don’t get to be that morally apathetic on your own.

    1. I don’t feel bad for her or the other girl. Neither one shows any remorse at all for anything other than having been caught. Hell, they don’t even emote the slightest hint of embarrassment! They both declared that they should have been given the money since they had charges levied against them, like they should be rewarded for being punished?

      1. I want to add this: Yes, the parents have much to do with upbringing but these girls are old enough to know right from wrong simply by living in society. They have free will and minds of their own.

    1. It’s probably BECAUSE of family that they’re such treaures.

      Even really good families will occasionally have someone through a quirk of genetics that is simply bad news….but in most cases, it’s about nurture, not nature. I’ve come across the nurture aspect far, far too much.

      1. Oh, very true! I’m certainly not denying that one, McGee!

        It’s just her level of narcissism that blows me away!

  5. These girls are utter wastes of space. I’d kill myself if my children turned out this way. Hopefully I’d have enough sense to kill them first!

  6. Shame this is real. I thought I was watching the most talented actresses ever in the coolest low budget movie ever.

    I guess the “dumbest” part is because they consented to talking on camera.

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