• pvc

    “That’s intense!”

    “Rubber band man’s always intense.”

  • Cornjob

    Good luck getting that security deposit back boys.

  • Paulo

    The voice of the old man out of the screen says: “Now, did I told you it was going to happen, or not?”
    The column was made just of piled bricks. They weren’t suposed to take any weight.

  • LL

    Building codes are a good idea.

  • smittypap

    Building codes, health codes, laws — they’re all just more guvmint intrusion into our lives!!!

    • Cornjob

      And as that pastor says, and he really speaks for all of us, doesn’t he?

      “I agint it.”

  • Mike K

    In the end they’re talking about the old guy in the chair:
    “What? He’s not even hurt? I saw ‘Final Destination’ – let’s get the hell out of here!”