George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors


George Lucas’ rich neighbors don’t want him building a movie studio in their backyard. His response is the best thing he’s done in years.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, for four decades Lucas has owned a large swath of land in Marin County in the North San Francisco Bay and has spent the past few years trying to transform the ranch on it into a massive, nearly 300,000 square foot, state-of-the-art movie studio complete with day care center, restaurant, gym and a 200-car garage. His neighbors, however, have rejected it every step of the way. Despite the promise of bringing $300 million worth of economic activity to the area, the already-well off neighbors are worried about years’ worth of construction activity and the additional foot traffic it will bring into their neighborhood once completed.

The local homeowners association has been such a thorn in Lucas’ side that he’s decided to abandon the studio construction entirely, issuing this official statement about Lucasfilm’s withdrawal of the new studio:

The level of bitterness and anger expressed by the homeowners in Lucas Valley has convinced us that, even if we were to spend more time and acquire the necessary approvals, we would not be able to maintain a constructive relationship with our neighbors.

We love working and living in Marin, but the residents of Lucas Valley have fought this project for 25 years, and enough is enough. Marin is a bedroom community and is committed to building subdivisions, not business. Many years ago, we tried to stop the Lucas Valley Estates project from being built, but we failed, and we now have a subdivision on our doorstep.

So what is George Lucas going to do with his property now that he’s tired of his rich neighbors putting up a not-in-my-backyard stink? He wants to transform the property into low-income housing, naturally, ending their official statement with this zinger, “If everyone feels that housing is less impactful on the land, then we are hoping that people who need it the most will benefit.”

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  1. And while he’s at it, he should set up a large space for an #OccupyEverywhere encampment.

    And an Obamaville for the homeless and unemployed.

      1. I agree with everything you say, but the rethoric… I’m sorry to say, it’s really stupid. Everybody here know you are better than that, pvc.

  2. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound so nice to me – he’s doing it to be nasty to the neighbours, which is very revealling of what he thinks of those on low incomes. Seems to me it’s not, ‘I want to help the poor,’ so much as ‘I’m going to fill your neibourhood with lower-class scum.’

    The effects may be positive (though will it be? Not sure that would be a useful place for the poor to live – costs will be astounding, neighbours hostile, jobs rare and there’ll be a constant exposure to ostentatious displays of wealth) but the motives seemingly are not.

    1. Well, yes and no. In a way, he’s exploited the poor and using them as a weapon. On the other hand, he’s providing low-income housing to the poor. How that works out for the poor is yet to be seen. Besides, I’m sure there is more legal red tape and redistricting approvals to go through before he could make this happen.

  3. What the hell’s so hard about taking the blueprints for the building and applying them to an area that’s welcoming and wants the business/foot traffic? Using poor people as pawns and the butt of a large-scale prank is a petty move. He gets no respect from me on this one. Build the low-income housing, but for god’s sake don’t do it as a vindictive power play. Front the money and let some community organizer professional types work out the details. Unless you’re an asshat that is.

  4. “George Lucas’ rich neighbors don’t want him building a movie studio in their backyard. His response is the best thing he’s done in years.”

    Why is the best thing? Why are the rich evil because they purchased or built homes in areas they can afford? I don’t live in a rich neighborhood but if someone decided to “get even” with those of us in $150,000 homes by setting up campers in an open lot I wouldn’t be happy.

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