1. We didn’t get to see one of the moves they most commonly do while they are practicing; kicking the table away before it falls on their faces.

  2. I can guarantee if I watched this as a kid, my mother would have been screaming two days later, “Who knocked over the coffee table and walked all over it? This is why we can’t have nice things!”

  3. Sometimes this website makes me feel sooooo old. This is novel to your generation? These were BORING to our generation. These were the acts that we’d ignore while we waited for the interesting people to come on. Every variety show had these kinds of acts. Plate-spinners. Jugglers. Gymnasts. Magicians. Card tricksters. Dog acts. There was always somebody or something up in the air. But we wanted to see Hermans Hermits or the Rolling Stones.

    I guess all things are new again.

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