1. Sorry Adam, I really think my question comes in a very inapropriate time, but do you have a husband or a partner or a boyfriend called Steve? Because that would be awesome.

  1. Now, now, remember: the wisest among us ALWAYS follow to the letter a millenia-old book written by daffy men that has been translated and re-translated thousands of times. It only makes sense.

  2. This is a reminder to me as to why I left NC after living there for 4 years. I recall being told weekly I was going to hell for not being born again. Any “intellectual” discussion/debate with a local would quickly dwindle to “the Bible says…”

    What’s even sadder is NC is one of the more “progressive” southern states.

    1. Also polygamy, rape-as-marriage-proposal, and the keeping of female slaves for sexual purposes. You know, good old moral practices.

  3. Contrary to this guy’s assertion, the Bible condoned incest (Lot and his daughters); polygamy–all the patriarchs had lots of wives, and Solomon had something like 300 wives and 700 concubines. Also the Law says that a man must marry his brother’s widow. I could go on, but waht’s the point? These people don’t actually READ, do they?

  4. The commenters seem almost giddy, don’t they? I took note that many of the godly folk of NC don’t place a lot of faith in good spelling or grammar.

  5. Yea! One more state to help us narrow down our bucket list. There are so MANY things to see and do on our lists, avoiding the anti- states is an easy and effortless way to make sure we get to spend more money in the states that appreciate human rights!

  6. The first lady (#10) spoke volumes “It’s not about taking someone’s rights away, it’s about being obedient to his word”

    But for fucks sake shouldn’t the issue be about someone’s rights getting taken away??!?! Shouldn’t that rile a person? That’s the travesty, that she throws out rights and doesn’t give them a second thought by her own admission. Scary how people can will themselves into that kind of blindness.

  7. Kinda important to note that voter turnout was something like 35% so… I think it’s quite possible if not probable that this is a failing of Democracy and our system of it in particular, though there is certainly an element of societal and cultural failure as well.

    1. The latest news on NPR said that the voter turnout was only14%. In my opinion, this vote doesn’t reflect the majority’s views about gay marriage.

      1. I’d say the result came out as they expected and they weren’t worried enough to vote. If the majority really felt the other way, they would have been worried and would have voted to effect another outcome. I don’t think that came out right, but you get the drift?

  8. Like Dale, I’m an NC resident. I live in one of the few counties who voted majority ‘no’– I have seen no happy Facebook posts. Everyone in my newsfeed was disappointed and ashamed.
    The problem here is that nearly everyone in my newsfeed is around my age– which is three years too young to vote. Our generation kinda knows what we’re doing, but we’re too young to actually DO anything yet.
    But ugh, yeah, I may or may not have spent Tuesday evening crying.

  9. They need to come up with a new clever line, because they’re really wearing out the “Adam & Steve” bit.

    1. Well, we’re not talking about rocket-scientists here. Coming up with original thoughts not a high priority for these people.

  10. Worked Charlotte on Monday and every locally available commercial slot on TV was purchased by the Franklin Graham cult.

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