1. Next he’ll be telling his congregation of American Taliban to kill their gay children to restore the family honor. Fucking bigoted religious asshole.

  2. Well, let’s face it, he’s only saying this because it’s what his dad did to him. You know….because he was giving a B and takin’ it in the A and HIS daddy walked in on it.

  3. Didn’t you hear? He was joking! HAHAHAHA! The violence regularly perpetrated against gay and lesbian youth–often at the hands of their own families–is fucking hilarious!

  4. WWJD?!?! I’m checking but I just don’t see the son of god throwing punches – tables, yes and I am sure he would have been chucking folding chairs if they had had tim then, but nope, no punches.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’ve met so many effete Christian fundamentalist males, I just think this guy is channeling his own suppressed self-gay-loathing feelings. Which is absolutely loathsome, considering he is telling parents to hurt their sons if they show FEMALE characteristics. There is a part of me that feels sorry for him, but the rest of me wants to belt this asshole.

    It makes me want to start an underground railroad for these kids. (Is there a gay Canada?)

  6. So, if you can beat someone into a new sexual orientation, then clearly he is acknowledging that that one could beat him enough to be gay. I see this as a veiled admission of a deep and abiding love of homosexual S&M activity. Cue exclusive interview about drug-fueled orgies with a burly whip-wielding prostitute in 3….2…1….

  7. Why was the congregation laughing?!!?

    I can “understand” (oy) the “amen” type responses, that’s typical…Much more disturbing was the laughing.

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