Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona’s Extreme New Abortion Law

From The Daily Beast:

Despite its name, critics derided the Women’s Health and Safety Act that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law today as cruel, dangerous, and hostile to women—likely to deter many Arizona women from seeking an abortion, and to distress those who nonetheless go through with one.

Life starts earliest in Arizona, which now defines gestational age as beginning on the first day of a woman’s last period, rather than at fertilization. In practice, that means the state has banned abortions after about 18 weeks (20 weeks from the last menstruation) except in the case of medical emergencies. While that provision has been much discussed, abortions after that point account for only about 1 percent of the procedures currently performed.


  1. So do women now need to register when they get their period? And I imagine someone would need to verify that in case they want to get an abortion.

  2. Got to keep control of those damned uteruses. It is all a bunch of horse shit it even says in the bible which they are so apt to call on that the fetus is not a child until it draws its first breath.

  3. Today marks the first day it of recognition of the right of women here in Brazil to interrupt the gestation of anencephalic fetuses. Also, the first day in the history of the world that it is possible to considere a baby as being conceived before the sexual act between that generated him/her.

    It seems to me that the more the rest of the world steps out of the cave, more the United States crawls back into it.

  4. Ok. Get your heads around this if you can:
    If you run a few packs of the pill together and then have a slip-up, you could end up with a foetus that’s 3 months old, 2 weeks before it’s conceived.
    Are they going to induce labour at 6 months? Because technically that baby’s been in there for 9, and to leave it any longer would endanger the mother and child.
    The above is the most ridiculous thing I could be saying in the 21st century. Congratulations US and A.

  5. Couldn’t a woman just lie about that? Or can they tell the fetus’ age closely enough to do the math? I’m a guy – “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies.”

  6. Here’s a question: how come the fathers of these unborn *cough cough* “citizens” (ugh, that word was tough to type!) aren’t criticised or held responsible for their actions in these….uh…”fertilizations”? You know, women ain’t gettin’ preggers by themselves, so why are these religious zealots (and they are!) punishing just the women only for (hey!) possibly being in a circumstance that they have no control over?

    1. Did anyone see the anti-abortion douche bag state legislature who has on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? (He introduced some bill that defined personhood as starting from fertilization. So another legislature introduced a bill in retaliation making it a crime for a man to ejaculate unless it is in intercourse with his wife.) The douche bag basically said that that this law was wrong because it was the government telling a man what he could do with his body! The idiot was so stupid he could not see the hypocrisy.

  7. This is getting almost as weird as the laws governing when a woman in Israel can get a fertility treatment.

    Some Jews follow the rule in Leviticus where you can’t have sex until seven days after the last day of a woman’s period. Since sperm cells can live two or three days in a woman’s Fallopian tubes, this means that some peak fertillity days are lost, and some couples cannot conceive, particularly if the woman has short or irregular cycles.

    So, do they do the practical thing and rule that a woman’s period is three days, or just say it doesn’t matter? No they rule that such couples should seek IVF. What? IVF? Just fucking a few days earlier for a few months would solve things quite naturally.

    This level of stupidity has just come to Arizona.

    1. Actually, I’m a big fan of that particular Leviticus rule, because it means the morons who adhere to these ancient and idiotic myths and legends are going to have more trouble procreating. So long as they strictly adhere to the ancient and idiotic myths and legends (and we know just how committed the uber-religious are about following their own rules and never, ever, ever straying).

      1. I brought dark brown towels to college and have never been afraid of the red wings.

        Sure, some women who follow Leviticus will be infertile as peak fertility days will be missed if a woman has a short or irregular cycle.

        But why the hell are they recommending IVF when they have no evidence the couple is infertile? You miss some peak fertility days and almost any couple would be infertile.

        These people are insane. Just fuck earlier or whenever and 90% will get the desired result.

  8. Why leave complex questions like when personhood begins to scientific research when the legislature can give a quick and easy answer?

  9. If pregnancy happens some time between you last menstrual period and conception, then wouldn’t having your next period count as a spontaneous abortion?

    Oh, for Christ’s sake. This is all too ridiculous to even think about.

  10. The Daily Show had a segment about a woman who introduced a bill in the Oklahoma legislature that a man could only deposit his sperm into a vagina. It failed, of course, and sadly most of the men didn’t get her point.The guy they interviewed made some comment abou interfering with men’s bodies.

    1. Well, keep in mind this is the same woman who made deep cuts to the mental health budget in her state. Which is ironic, because her son is mentally ill (and in prison).

      I just think the woman is incapable of real, decent human compassion. (Which is probably why her son is mentally ill.)

  11. “Women’s Health and Safety Act”
    I’m fully convinced that crap like this is given positive-sounding names just so that the person speaking out against it looks like an asshole to the uninformed.
    See also: American Family Association

    1. The American Family Association should really be called the Patriarchal Domination Association, ’cause they don’t give a shit about women and children, just preserving the rights of men to make their women and children obey.

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