• Ross

    Brain hurts

  • tryagain

    Soooooo what do they teach in school?

  • sjefskjekkasen

    What they still don’t know is the real truth, that this 1898 book predicted the crash! Which again predicted the film.

    • Mike K

      I was going to mention that – glad you did too.

  • J

    wait, they made a movie about the titanic?

  • Mike K

    Oh, the humanity!

    (yes, I know.)

  • Mike K

    Wait until they read Hamlet and criticize Shakespeare for ripping off “The Lion King.”

  • Cornjob

    I will be cancelling my Titanic Party tomorrow on the 100th Anniversary in shock and sadness over these people. (I was going to make a bunch of stuff off the 1st class menu.) They just ruined it for me. Strangely, my cat will watch the film at the sequence where they’re all in the water freezing to death. I think there’s something about the color spectrum that he can see. We call it his favorite film.

    • Paulo

      Or maybe because he is an astronomer and it pisses him off.

    • Mike K

      No need to over-examine it; It’s feline schadenfreude, plain and simple.

  • Joey Chickenskin

    I like the ‘I’m never going on a cruise’ one as though there haven’t been more recent cruise disasters.

  • HariSeldon

    Right. Because some people post comments about being “surprised” that the Titanic was real – often using the same wording then obviously they didn’t know it was real.

    Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is real. People post things like this as a joke all the time.