March 2012
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Day March 21, 2012

Sears Lavishes CEO With Pay And Perks, While Laying Off Workers And Bilking Taxpayers

These kind of CEO stories have just become so damned depressing.

Dog vs. Mirror

Hunger Games Trailer

Teen’s Death Hits Reporter Hard

Question of the Day

What does this look like to you?

RC Plane Catches

Obama and a Deaf Supporter


Stephon stood just a few feet away from Barack Obama. The president, busy shaking hands, looked right at him. “It was like he was waiting for me to say something,” he said later.

So the 26-year-old Prince George’s Community College student took his cue and spoke to President Obama in his first language: American Sign Language. “I am proud of you,” Stephon signed. The president, almost involuntary, instinctively, immediately signed back.

“Thank you,” Obama replied.

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