• Bacopa

    Notice how she answers the question by repeating part of the question? That’s what beauty pageant contestants do.

    Always kind of bugged me. If a question has multiple parts or contains a conditional clause, sure, repeating parts of it with your answer can clarify things. Otherwise, I think it just sounds contrived and clumsy.

    • Maybe because she was a beauty pageant contestant.

      A politician once explained to me that repeating the question can be used to stall for time while you think of a good answer. Although, clearly that’s not what’s happening here.

  • FlamingAtheist

    I think you said it best Chris.
    LOL, WUT?

  • FOE

    Opposite Land. Population 1.

  • Nick E. P.

    Ugh, this lady still exists. I wonder what newspapers she’s been reading lately.

    • FlamingAtheist

      Might be The Oregonian, they’ve been running a ‘This week in the Civil War’ series covering what happened 150 years ago, so maybe she thinks it is ‘current events’

    • Sherri

      All of them?

  • LL

    At what point does the Fox news viewer start to notice the stupid? It seems like this should push most of them over the edge and cause them to wake up.

    • smittypap

      Dream on. The typical Fox news viewer embodies the stupid.

  • magpie

    I always suspected that President Obama was an anti-abolitionist!

  • ange

    so obama wants to be a slave?

  • Mike K

    As usual, mindless babble peppered with patriotic buzzwords to make it sound like a statement with direction. Her 15 minutes are so over.

    • Nowax

      I want to see a pool on when she declares bankruptcy. If I had bet a year ago I would have said within ten years. But now I’m thinking it is going to be sooner. The woman is so brain-dead and ridiculed, even Fox can’t be so stupid to keep paying her money, now that she has zero chance of being elected anything and her political connections are zilch. And since he has zero value to the oil companies that hired her husband right after McCain picked her as his running mate, it’s just a matter of time that they quietly let him go. The clock is ticking on these fraudsters.

      Oh schadenfreude!

      • Mike K

        And when that happens it will be fun to watch how many different people/entities she blames. Of course it won’t be her own fault.

  • Dale

    It’s like having a conversation with a word puzzle.

    • Rampage_Rick

      I think you’re giving her too much credit… It’s like having a conversation with a toaster strudel.

      • Bacopa

        They speak to you too? I thought I was the only one.

  • Curious

    Isn’t she dead yet?

  • Piri

    When can we stop having Ms. Palin’s history lessons?

    • Mike K

      Wait till she gets to the part where the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

      • Nowax

        Well, she’d probably say she can see Pearl Harbor from her window, so she of course knows all of its history.

  • suzydanger

    What the hell.

  • Brian

    Miss Tennessee’s answer about maps was more coherent

  • Laura

    I think someone suggested she make an “edgy” comparison to the civil war as a kind of class-war analogy and forgot to tell her how it could be done intelligently. All she heard was “Obama… like…before… civil…war. People..not…considered…equal”. She then spewed this words out at random with a variety of transition words in between them.

    In any case, getting her opinion on how Obama’s done so far is absurd. It’s like getting a last-place Olympian who consequently quit the sport “to focus on the sport in a new direction” to assess the gold-medal winner performance in all his later races. It would be laughable if it weren’t being given so much credence.