1. It’s a jackass thing to do, but it’s cool that the cops got a good laugh out of it. I still agree with the third cop (in the bright yellow jacket):
    “You’re an idiot.”
    “An idiot? Why am I an idiot?”
    “You’re walking around with a Spongebob hat on, masturbating the nose while you’re peein’ alright?”

    1. Yes, they have to continue giving blowjobs to the wealthy. This sort of activity means some fat-cats blowjob will be late!

    2. Not just cops. Anyone who thinks it’s funny to mess with people who are trying to do their job is an immature asshole. No one needs that kind of aggravation while trying to provide for their family.

  2. From a scientific standpoint I applaud this video. He’s basically created a very small standardized test with which one can grade the police officers’ professionalism. I would say that the majority of the officers responded to this test in a reasonable manner, while a small percent over reacted to the stimuli. It would be interesting to see something like this done on a larger scale to see if the numbers here are representative of the whole.

    1. No one likes to baited into a trick like this – the jerk is deliberately trying to humiliate the police and the officers know it

      1. Actually I think he does a good job of giving it the appearance of an accident. He laughs at the absurdity of the situation, implicitly inviting the officer(s) to do the same. The good officers are the ones that recognize the absurdity quickly and have a good laugh about it. The maybe-not-as-good officers are the ones that first try to verify that he wasn’t just having fun at their expense before having a good laugh (or maybe they’re actually the better cops for initially withholding judgment?). The douche bags are the ones that assume he was trying to humiliate them and never waver from that assessment.

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