Sony Responds To Bummed Out Fans By Raising The Price On Whitney Houston’s Album

Greedy fuckers.

While fans of Whitney Houston mourned her death, fondly remembering belting her tunes into hairbrushes in bedrooms everywhere, Sony Music appears to be primed and ready to make a big stack of cash off our nostalgic appreciation, hiking up the price of her greatest hits album hours after her demise on Saturday.

The Guardian says that at the UK version of the Apple store, Whitney’s The Ultimate Collection, originally released in 2007, went up from £5 (about $7.89) to £8 (about $12.63) at 4 a.m. there, hours after she was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room. Later on Sunday, the price dropped back to the original.

That album seems to be only available in the UK, whereas in the U.S. you can shell out $14.99 for her Greatest Hits on iTunes. No word on whether that price rose at any point, so let us know if you tried to buy it for a lower price earlier.

While fingers quickly pointed at Apple, it turns out that apparently Sony had lifted the wholesale price on the album, which would trigger subsequent price hikes from other retailers.


  1. I heard the phrase “plummeting record sales” more than several times on the local news coverage of this event, she couldn’t revive her career no matter how hard she tried. Then she took a bath. I can’t remember the last time, while she was still alive, that I heard anyone say anything kind about her, honestly. She was great when she was great, but I kind of don’t understand if people loved her songs so much, why they didn’t already have this album that’s been out for 5 years. That’s why they used to be so cheap until Saturday, or else they’d cost as much as they do since Sunday. I know producers are known for being greedy, and so they are. Nobody loved Whitney Houston enough and now it’s too late.

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