• MacCrocodile

    What an asshole. I bet he uses wire hangers, too.

    • FlamingAtheist

      Only for secret back-alley abortions.

  • DJ

    Great application. Why is this bigot still in the running?

  • DJ

    Also, the fact that a Fox News anchor is the voice of sanity is incredible.

  • FlamingAtheist

    Betting he has never even talked to a real service member or anyone who has served with gays or even worked with someone who is gay.

  • Dale

    I look forward to his inevitable coming out.

    • Venture Free

      Let’s hope for his sake it’s voluntary. Let’s hope for everyone else’s sake that it’s not.

  • Epstein

    At least he didn’t say all kinds of crediblestudies, because then I could call him a liar.