1. The narrative in the link basically says it all. Terrible police work. I couldn’t tell what the guy put on the victim’s trunk hatch at the end that the other goons thought was so funny. Was anyone else able to place it?

  2. These police have no idea that the driver is a diabetic – every day they deal with dangerous people that act just as this man did that wouldn’t hesitate to kill the officer in a blink of an eye –If one of these officers was your brother , father or son would you think they should be less cautious?

    1. I call bullshit on almost everything you said. Cautious is the last word that came to mind after watching those thugs at work. As someone in another brutality thread said, apologists like you are the reason cops get away with this shit over and over again.

  3. Even if you ignore the fact that the guy was diabetic, at least one of those cops is a total idiot. Who the hell kicks out a window where they happen to be pointing their gun?!? I would have loved to see his gun accidently go off and shoot himself in the foot…

    I hope that driver gets a million dollar settlement, and all the aggressive officers get some forced time off.

      1. Well there is some faint hope in Florida, like the Highway Patrol that pulled over the Miami Police officer doing 120mph. That’s how you earn the respect of the public…

      2. Just stumbled upon the outcome by accident while googling the Highway Patrol incident.

        The diabetic and his wife get just under $300,000. Of course there’s no admission of wrongdoing. Guilty until proven innocent is the status quo.


        It’s repeated many times: “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.” At this point I doubt we’ll ever see the return of “Innocent unless proven guilty”

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