• MacCrocodile

    What the hell kind of crap is this?

    Here, this is how we do grilled cheese, young man.

    • What? You don’t have 6 months to perfect your douchey artisan bread?

      • MacCrocodile

        I can’t even make unassuming, boring bread. I always end up with a dense brick of hard dough. I can’t imagine taking six months to do it will make it any better.

      • Tyler

        Everything about this guy is douchy, but I’d love to be able to bake a loaf like that at home.

  • That second one looks ace! I’m trying to figure out how to legitimately incorporate it into dinner tomorrow night. How about with a hearty soup?

    • LL

      If you’re going with a white bread grilled cheese you need Campbell’s Tomato soup.

      • frank habets

        Yes, yes, yes to Campbells tomato soup!

  • LL

    I have to say they both look good.

  • jen

    well, now I know what I’m having for lunch today