Cardinal Edward Egan Just Withdrew His Apology For The Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal

From Business Insider:

In an interview this week with Connecticut Magazine, Cardinal Edward Egan, withdrew his 2002 apology for the Church’s handling of the sex-abuse scandal, which was once read in all New York parishes.

A decade after that letter, the former archbishop of New York, and former bishop of Bridgeport, now describes the handling of the priest-abuse crisis under his watch as “incredibly good.” He said of the letter, “I never should have said that,” and added, “I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

“I never had one of these sex abuse cases.” he said, before adding pompously, “If you have another bishop in the United States who has the record I have, I’d be happy to know who he is.” He also claimed that the Church had no obligation to report abuse to the civil authorities.

These are lies, strutting around with pride.

The Church is required to report abuse, according to laws on the books since the 1970s.


  1. I knew about this when I was a teen back in the eighties. There was a situation at a residence center for teen runaways called Covenant House. It’s still around, and been clean for decades. But back in the day an abusing priest was transfered to work there.

    Runaway teens in East Texas tend to end up in Montrose in Houston. They put a priest with a record on the staff there. Many of the kids were sexually abused at home and relived that abuse by soliciting to chickenhawks.

    Not saying this because I’m a Catholic, since I’m not, but plenty of similar weird stuff goes on in Protestant churches. Weirder crap than this went on in the psych hospitals during the late eighties Satanic Panic.

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