Today in Ron Paul’s Racist Connections

Another day, another racist connection to Ron Paul. Sorry Ronbots, but your candidate is just vile.

Ron Paul Was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion:

In 1981, a lawyer tried to subpoena Ron Paul to testify in the trial of Don Black, a Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan who would later go on to found the white supremacist, neo-Nazi website, Stormfront. Black was charged along with two other Klansmen with planning to violently overthrow the small Caribbean country of Dominica in what they called “Operation Red Dog.” While a judge refused to subpoena Paul, Don Black would come back to haunt him many years later.

In 1981 a group of American and Canadian white supremacists lead by Klansman and mercenary, Michael (Mike) Perdue planned on taking over a small West Indian country called Dominica by overthrowing the government and Prime Minister Eugenia Charles and restoring its previous prime minister, Patrick Johns into power. The group planned to create an Aryan paradise in Dominica and make money through casinos, cocaine and brothels.

On the day the group of white supremacists were supposed to travel to Dominica, they were arrested by ATF agents and were found with over thirty automatic weapons, shotguns, rifles, handguns, dynamite, ammunition, a confederate flag and a Nazi flag. The plan would be dubbed “The Bayou Of Pigs” after the failed invasion of Cuba.

The leader of the group, Michael Perdue, would plead guilty to planning the coup and turned state’s evidence. Perdue would testify that several other people helped organize and fund the coup and that two Texas politicians were aware of the plan. Among those Perdue implicated were infamous white supremacist, David Duke, former Texas Governor, John Connally and Congressman, Ron Paul whom he claimed knew about the plot. Connally was credited with helping Paul win his first congressional election.


Anonymous Expose Nazi Third Position ‘Bridging Tactic’ with Ron Paul

The nationalist American Third Position Party (A3P) pursued a “bridging tactic” with the Ron Paul Revolution movement that support the Republican candidate for the White House, according to emails hacked by Anonymous.

Calling for a “White uprising”, A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso, whose email account was hacked by the collective, claims that his racist forum WhiteNewsNow is “the only W[hite] N[ationalist] forum working hard to form a bridge with the 100 times larger Ron Paul Revolution”.

Other excerpts show Kelso’s efforts in organising meetings between Ron Paul and other members of the A3P such as corporate lawyer William D. Johnson, chairman of the neo-Nazi A3P.

Johnson, who in 1985 proposed a constitutional amendment that would revoke the American citizenship of every non-white US citizen, founded the American Third Position along with anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald, professor at California State University, Long Beach.

“I’m going to go to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with Bill Johnson,” reads an email to an A3P member dated January 2011. “Bill and I will be meeting with Ron and Ran Paul. I have a teleconference call with Bill (and Ron Paul) tonight. Much more later. Things are starting to happen (thanks to folks like you).”

In another passage, Kelso, a former Scientologist and account owner of other German Nazi forums, wrote: “I’ll be at CPAC from Feb. 9 to Feb. 12. I’ll send back reports to you from personal meetings with Ron Paul, newly-elected Senator Rand Paul and many others. It’ll be here on WhiteNewsNow, a place that is really starting to get interesting because of the presence of folks like you. Birds of a feather flock together, and we are really gathering some quality here.”


  1. “I hope you are not done learning about Doctor Paul’s paulitics and paulicies. If you’d pull your head out of the sand and realize that he is against the war and the fed, you’d know that it doesn’t matter what lies people are attributing to him from thirty years ago.” ~ A cleaned up summary of a Ron Paul rEVOLutionite response.

    … I don’t hate them, but their passion scares me.

  2. As the resident libertarian I say this is a bunch of libelous crap. So an anonymous third party source says that Ron Paul has supporters that are racist, so he must be racist. And as a Ron Paul supporter myself I guess I am racist by association. Not only that but he was once mentioned, not indicted, as knowing about some insane plot to overthrown the Dominican Republic and replace it with an Aryan Utopia???

    Laughable, but don’t worry it looks like he will be far from the White House next year, and our country will continue to bankrupt itself on unsustainable wars, entitlements, debt and spending.

    But lets talk about real issues such as who is a terrible racists!

  3. Who’s the real racist? The one who plans violence against minorities? Or the ones who won’t just let people forget about it? I think we all know the answer to that.

  4. Dominica, peeps… not “the dominican republic”. The difference is slight, but fairly important. Ill assume your stellar knowledge of geography isn’t representative of your… clearly… stellar knowledge of politics/government. No wait… I won’t.

    And remember… you don’t have to be a racist homphobic anti-semite to vote for a rascist homophobic anti-semite.

  5. Yeah, how could I ever have confused the island of Dominica with a nation called Dominica, quick lets have a geography quiz of minor islands so you can discredit me further.

    How is it anti-semetic to be unwilling to fight middle-eastern countries as proxies for Israel and to let American soldiers die for a cause that has nothing to do with our own national security?

    You better get your priorities straight there, defense of Israel is being used to fuel the fires of another worthless war in the region that will only lead to more hatred toward us in the long term.

    Then we can have another terrorist attack and blame them for hating us for our freedoms, this would be used to fuel another in an endless cycle of wars which people will die unnecessarily.

    Or you could use your clearly superior knowledge of geography to attempt to have some sort of misguided smugness that you are obviously correct and argue about hurtful words written in long forgotten newsletters by a ghostwriter mean more than the loss of more young American lives.

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