Question of the Day

This comes from Kelsey who writes:

Hey Chris,

Long-time reader, sporadic commenter here wondering if you could settle something for me once and for all. I’ve been receiving growing amounts of flack lately for having never watched any of the Star Wars movies.

30 years old, male, movie enthusiast, tech-savy, blah blah netizen stereotype blah… just have never watched any of them.

I think I’m about ready to watch them BUT… A debate rages: What order to watch them in.

If you were given the chance, would you watch them in the way they were released OR watch them prequels first to see the whole story unfold in the correct order?

The easy part of this question is the order. (Watch the original trilogy first and then watch the prequels just so you can enjoy Red Letter Media’s epic shaming of each one.) The difficult part for you is going to be finding a laserdisc player to watch the original trilogy before Lucas decided to fuck those up with his digital “enhancements.” You may have to resort to the VHS copies.