1. MYRTLE BEACH, SC (AP)- Despite having stayed away from the showcase caucuses in Iowa and the fiscal conservative firewall of New Hampshire, WallSnake announced his bid to become the GOP nominee for president in the 2012 election. “He really just wanted to wait until Huntsman dropped out” an aide mentioned during a rally in the wake of Hunstman’s speech. “Something about that name just…well, we weren’t prepared to feel like prey” he added, slithering back under a rock.
    “After consulting with God and my wife, I decided to make the run. I simply can’t imagine the fate of my eggs in a world that has been destroyed Obama’s war on Reptiles.” WallSnake has been a fervent supporter of reptile rights over the past decades, most recently as the Director of the non-profit organization, Scales for Equality. “Between the Genesis story, that damned Harry Potter snake monster, and prejudice against lispers, Snakes are the last real oppressed minority” he added during his impassioned stump speech, yesterday.
    He is not without a touch of scandal, though. It is widely rumored that WallSnake is, in fact, the product of an upper middle-class family, despite his insistence that he “boot-strapped” himself out of poverty.
    “You’ve all seen the great heights I have reached under my own power. I may be very low to the ground, with no arms or legs to propel me forward; but, with the grace of God, and my own sheer determination and will, I made it up that wall. I will use that determination to push forward the rights of reptiles through the force of the oval office.”

  2. Anyone know what kind of snake that is? Looks a lot like what we call a Texas Brown Snake. but the color is a little light. On the closeup at the end it looks kinda stripey, so It might be a lighter colored garter snake.

    Both browns and garters are good climbers.

    We’ve had a few days of warm weather, and the snakes have come out. Saw a copperhead yesterday, but what I really want to see is another canebrake rattler.

    1. Trust me, this is not a Texas Brown Snake. It is unquestionably a Yellow Rat Snake. I’ve caught many, and grew up obsessed with snakes here in FL. I have seen them climb directly up the trunk of a pine tree with ease. Of all of the non-poisonous snakes here in FL, they are one of the notoriously nasty tempered ones, but only if you try to handle them. They will always avoid you otherwise and are not to be feared at all. I’ve been bitten more times than I can recall catching them. I never hurt them, and let them go within minutes, but I grew up catching them as a kid just to say I did it.

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