1. Awesome, I loved the part where he dubbed sound effects to video and choreographed it with touching various kitchen bowls and utensils

  2. I could get behind the theoretical idea of using piezos as contact triggers for generating tones, I mean that is basically how electronic drums work. But when he used multitouch to modulate the timbre of the tone from the bowl I had to call bullshit. There is a kernel of truth, and a whole lot of shenaneganary.

    1. You, sir, are correct. This is shenanigans. He’s basically – if anything – created a few MIDI triggers (but certainly not with the ceramic bowls) feeding into his macbook. There is certainly no synthesis going on here. None. But, he did make it look interesting at least.

    2. Get an old broken Akai s950 sampler, open it up, solder some shit to some stuff and do the mixer thingy and the frequency whosie whatsit to the discombobulator and viola. I am totally doing this.

  3. I loved it! Ingenuous and better than I thought. That said, I do grow weary of that same-ass “layering on top of a beat thing.” That’s the easiest and most generic way to create music.

    Seems like 99% of new “music” on youtube is this style.

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