1. So far for me it sucks. Second night of waking at 1am with congestion and a mild panic attack thanks to not being able to breathe while laying in bed. hoping to see my doc today, better living through chemistry.

  2. I am optimistic about 2012. Days getting longer, spring just over the horizon, and I have a new project that I’m trying to get off the ground. I am hopeful about this year. I’m sorry if it’s not going that well for you, but I bet there will be many good things in store for you.

  3. January always sucks for me. Maybe it’s the realization of just how much more I spent on the holidays than I originally thought, the looming tax season, or the dreaded filling out of financial aid forms for my oldest sons.
    January is the pits.

    However, this year I’m throwing myself into my painting hobby and hoping to turn it into more of a career shift. Sold 15 so far, with two more in the works and a two-day art show in May. Just going to keep thinking about that.

  4. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep this year.
    We started moving into a new house over the weekend while I was recovering from food poisoning so me and my wife (who had to pick up the slack) are exhausted.
    I’m working in Idaho this week and can’t help with the rest of the move.
    One of our dogs has forgotten that they’re housebroken.
    The car’s making funny noises.
    I have a sore throat and a runny nose.

    Let’s hope that the Mayan’s were right…

  5. Last year sucked. Like, really, really sucked. I don’t generally think it’s valid to impute a 365-day trend from a 4-day series, but so far this year’s been sucking so hard it’s making last year’s ears pop.

  6. Had to admit my father-in-law into the hospital for wicked pneumonia just prior to the New Year, and had to spend the entire weekend dealing with my severely dementia-rattled mother-in-law. I’m NOT bitching, mind you. It’s just that she’s become so hateful to her only child, that’d be my wife, and it’s hard to keep things pleasant when you’re hearing this vitriolic hate speech from someone who has no idea she’s doing it. On the plus side, father-in-law should be out today. So that’s something.

  7. Just like 2011 so far. Actually, a little better – I got a raise on the 30th. It’s only an extra $10.00 a week, but still a good thing. Then again, the pessimist (or realist) in me says that right now is the best part any of us will see in 2012. By the end of this year we’ll be one step from a global coup d’ tat – if we aren’t already in one by then. And it’s an election year on top of it.

  8. I’m waiting until later in the year. If 2012 is anything like the previous year, it took a few months for the cosmic shit fan to warm up but once it got running, it covered our walls nicely.

  9. Well, It started with losing my 18 years on the job last Dec 24th. (They closed the doors after 30+ years {printing business}) Then this Dec 23rd or so My unemployment bennies “expired” whatever that means?? Call the UI benefits number ya say?… 3 days I called and usually the voice says We have a large volume of callers at the moment, please try again.Thought I’d have a few more months at least?
    I am PRAYING its just the end of the year shit going on. Was counting on a few more months of help until I could get a prepress job again. Really, If these UI benefits stopped, My Wife an I’ll be out on the streets.
    Oh and I missed my last Gieco payment too. Waiting for the pink envelope to let me know I have 13 days to pay up. Also the dammed car wont start up to day–was 10 degrees last night in NJ here. The 4th plug is leaking oil in the 96 Saturn, Looking forward to Dec 21 2012 Bring it on!!!!!
    Thanks for listening!

  10. Sorry for those who are having a shitty 2012. It’s probably the nicest weather here in sunny, clear blue sky, 75 degree, So Cal right now – damn, don’t know that I made it better. Happy New Years?

  11. Yep. Sucks here. Hubby had to go out of town on Friday, I spent the next night (New Years Eve) in the ER with a bum hip (couldn’t walk) and didn’t get home until the next morning about 7:30 am. And now I have a tooth infection. The year is kicking of with a bang.

  12. Baby has a weird rash, we’re paying so much in rent now that we have no savings and no deposit to move, and my hubby’s car has a check engine light and ominous rattle.

    Right now I’m waiting for some rich person to swoop in and buy a painting. Or a raise. Or for my mother to move in and take the spare room after she loses her house.

    I’m already ready to give this decade the middle finger.

  13. My 8-yr-old son had his first ER trip of the New Year on 1/3 (broken foot). His school may close in June: http://www.myfoxphilly.com/dpp/news/local_news/table%3A-philadelphia-archdiocese-elementary-schools . My mom is almost 80 and falls a lot, but won’t accept help or our offer of a place to live with us, so I get lots of calls from the LifeLine (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) people. My board of directors wants to fire me (but making me work overtime before they do). And the oil burner for our house keeps breaking down, and it’s 25 degrees out. So yeah, it’s sucking for our family. But not as much as for others, I know. Our family and pets are all still alive and okay for the moment, which we don’t take for granted. And the pipes haven’t frozen yet. Hang in there, everyone.

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