1. I’m just going to assume that Fink and Vi Hart are ex lovers. She left him for someone much nerdier, and he still has feelings for her, so seeing her videos makes him hurt.

        Now go back and re-read his comment with that backstory in mind.

    1. I agree – I had the same thought, but couldn’t remember why until I played the video.

      Speaking that quickly isn’t impressive, it’s obnoxious, like she’s showing off how well she knows the subject matter. The problem is that the only ones that can follow what she’s saying are those that already know the topic. And the tree branches creeping onto the page were nothing more than a distraction.

      1. “You can start with a wonky shape to spiral around, but you notice that as you start to spiral out, it gets rounder and rounder.”

      2. I meant the “Probably something to do with how the ratio between two different numbers approa*****************************” And that’s where I lose her.

  1. Mind…. BLOWN!!! Love her stuff 😀

    For thoose of you that think she’s too fast, mauybe you’re too slow. I certainly had no problem following her, and I didn’t know anything about fibonacci numbers.

  2. YAY I just did a final design project based on the Fib sequence. Fibonacci and Vi FTW!

    Vi is awesome. Anybody that can show people that math isn’t just about confusing equations and might actually be interesting is cool in my book. And she’s probably talking so fast because it is a lot of information and we all know that if the video is too long, most people wont watch it. Am I right?

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