1. i’m confused: isn’t a ron paul win *GREAT NEWS* for Obama supporters?

    If you want Obama for president, wouldn’t Ron Paul winning the republican nomination be a damned wonderful gift, given the allegations of racism?

    I’m confused about why liberal blogs (that I love to read) are suddenly campaigning against Ron Paul. Which candidate would they prefer against Obama?

    1. Ron Paul as a nominee would mean hard questions about our foreign military misadventures and lack of concern for things like the Bill of Rights when it comes to terrorism. Paul would still lose — any of them will probably lose — but he’s the only one who could credibly call President Obama to account for carrying on horrible policies that Senator Obama opposed.

      Anyway, I’m fairly certain Michelle Bachmann as a nominee would be the best gift for Obama (and Daily Show viewers).

      1. Let us know when he finally wants to reveal the authors of those newsletters that he keeps on about. He also fails to account for how enacting “states rights” will somehow prevent a repeat of the ills present (and worse) before the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

        Then there’s how he wants to allow creationism to be taught in schools, how he wants to re-instate the gold standard, he wants to ban abortion, etc.

        That’s just the surface; he’s got a nearly bottomless pit of objectionable views, many of which are pretty much off the rails.

      2. Someguy, what portion of my comment led you to believe I support Ron Paul for President? It’s simply the case that if Paul weren’t running, these critical issues wouldn’t even be raised.

        Unfortunately, Democrats tend to be about as partisan as their counterparts across the aisle, and have mostly abandoned any concern about civil liberties or senseless occupation because their guy in the White House no longer seems to care about these issues. It’s a shame that we have to hear the criticism from a guy with all kinds of backward views on other things, but the alternative is endless flag-waving pageantry and bickering over things that the President doesn’t even have much power to change.

  2. i agree.

    I’d a thought its a smarter move for progressives to keep this stuff under wraps until much later in the process. Now, it will get discussed (and probably rejected, ala swiftboaters for truth). Decades of work in public office, his record is way more extensive and knowable than obama’s ever was.

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