1. Abortion will always be a devisive subject… I don+t agree with Paul on it; if I thought an intelligent being was alive as soon as conception like he does, than I’m sure I would…
    I’m against murder, so are most people; when a fetus is a human life isn’t as simple as defining it as “when it shoots out the vagina”
    Either way, criminal issues like murder are handled by the states (or are supposed to be anyway), not at the federal level.

    1. And yet again, there are atheists who are willing to defend their sworn enemy without even realizing he’s their sworn enemy. Ron Paul hates atheists, and wants atheists to be at the very least relegated to second class citizen. He’ll use those of us who have been deluded into the adolescent revenge fantasy called “libertarian” to get elected, of course, but he’s doing it laughing all the way to power. Because he’s explicitly said that he has no problem with the States establishing State religions, and imposing it on everyone within it. His anti-choice position is nothing but a reflection of his Dominionist beliefs. He’s a long-time follower of Rushdoony, and you’d be advised to be wary of theocrats in libertarian clothing.

      But on the other side, a fetus does is not conscious. It may be alive, but it is no more “human” than a plant. A pig is far more conscious of it own feeling, thoughts and actions than a fetus throughout most of its development. There is a point at which the fetus has enough of a nervous system and brain to be able to feel pain, and be aware of that pain. But before that point, abortion is no different from removing a tumor, for the tumor is as much alive as a fetus is. Hell, every cell in your body is a “human life”, after a fashion (it’s alive, and contains the full DNA that makes you up). The whole anti-choice argument is not based on science or reason, but on the idea that the *soul* enters the body at the moment of conception, an idea which has no basis in fact, but which also has no basis in scripture.

  2. I didn’t see a lot of melanin in Herr Doktor’s ad. If he had seen a black baby shoot out of a vagina, Paul would probably worry he was about to be carjacked.

    I used to live among many such Texas Christian White Ladies ™. That syrupy drawl, that burbling about one’s “journey,” and the belief that any disagreement is resolved in favor of the first party to utter the shibboleth “Well, Imma Chrisshin, and…” All very well-meaning and genuinely felt and generous, of a fashion — and positively deaf to reason.

  3. Abortion is not freedom, it is ending a life. As an atheist, I find abortion as a form of birth control to be morally wrong. I really don’t understand how reasonable and educated people can come to any other conclusion. But as an atheist Republican in South Louisiana I don’t really find myself in agreement with any group of people. Where I live it is 80% catholic, so my opinions on abortion come from a much different place than most of my neighbors. The only real GOP candidate I like is Huntsman and nobody gave him the time of day because he is too moderate (read:sane).

  4. I don’t see how this ad is anti-abortion. It doesn’t mention abortion once. It’s all sickeningly Christian, but that’s about it.

  5. with 7 billion and growing what is the big deal. Go walk around in a Walmart for a few hours and you will start to see the friggin NEED for abortion.

    How many of us are really CONTRIBUTING to the world?

    Sorry – I just listened to a friend who had a useless niece wipe him out of his money, his car and his piece of mind. The world in NO WAY has been improved by her living presence. SHE has abandoned several children no doubt because it has become to difficult to get abortions or rubbers for that matter.

    I am a FIRM believer in having abortion SAFE and LEGAL. If someone uses it as birth control – that is THEIR CHOICE!!!! THEY have to live with it!

    Personally? I would never get one. But I will not deny someone else the right. I did my research one year in college for a paper. I was assigned abortion and had to argue about it one way or another. I was adamantly against it – until I did this paper. The horrors women had to go through when raped or subjected to incest or abandoned by the fathers in a time when women couldn’t get jobs…no. Anti-abortionists are enslavers of women. Not one of these people (so called pro-lifers) would gladly take an unwanted child in their house and raise them like their own. Eeek – that may be a blessing in disguise.

    The only reason I am alive is because abortion was illegal when I was born. My mother was raped and had no choice but to carry me and was then forced to give me up because her husband would not raise me. My adopted family did not love me or value me as a human being. How is this improving the world? How can this be holy or a great journey or the right path? I have lived a life full of pain and loneliness because some jackasses with a badly written book felt it wasn’t right for a woman in my mother’s position to have relief and freedom from a traumatic violent attack and allowed the man she was married to to think it was alright to force her to give it up (at least he didn’t eat me like a lion cub)… Do you see my point. I got to have a nice middle class life went to college blah blah blah – imagine someone living below the poverty line? Look at our jails and you’ll see so many abortions that wished they happened walking around…

    Anti abortionism is childish, hateful of women and willfully ignorant of the lifetime of consequences that not only the mother has to live with but the child who was brought into the world unwanted and unloved. If you wish to call this my opinion – go ahead. But I have based that “opinion” on the facts that I learned and the results of abortion being illegal. It is uncivilized to ban it. If you don’t believe in it DON”T HAVE ONE!

    There. I have probably gotten myself an butt kicking for this. But thanks for letting me spew this out and for reading what I have to say. I appreciate it more than you know!

    1. That is the most ignorant, inhuman drivel I have heard in a while! I feel sad that this is your view of humanity. Abortion is not a viable way of avoiding bad people becoming adults. There are many pro-lifers who are proud adoptive parents. If your story is true, you need some serious counciling, I hope you don’t see your life as anything but valuable. We obviously disagree here, but I hope you reach out for some help.

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