1. It just looked like a governor showing repsect to a religious community, I don’t see anything wrong, or even funny about that. I’m not jewish, but thinking this is a joke seems antisemetic. I don’t know what their practices are, but I know singing and dancing is usually involved, and these are two things I like.

    1. Had there been any meanness or even a hint of malign stereotyping involved I’d see your point, but as there wasn’t I don’t.

      What I found funny in that was a group of men who I think of as the epitome of gravitas (religious leaders, high level pol) suddenly breaking an ordinary ceremony and cavorting like kindergarten students at recess.

      Are we now going to find malicious racist stereotyping in the Abbi Crutchfield video? (Young AA lady getting drunk, getting loose, then violent.)

      Sometimes funny is just funny.

      Oh and I didn’t downvote you.

    2. Other than the fact that he looks like he’s never been exposed to another faith, and that Perry is one of a number of people who have been whining that Obama “respects” Islam too much, by having Ramadan observances, and defending the right of muslims to build a community center near ground zero, you’re right. There’s nothing wrong with Perry respecting Jews.

      It’s just a tad hypocritical…

  2. This is funny because Rick Perry has no idea how to react to the sudden clapping and dancing so he’s just going along with it like a robot dummy.

  3. I was hoping they’d hoist him up on a chair and dance to klezmer music, but I get it that that’s just at weddings. As clueless as Perry is, though, he’d probably have gone along with it.

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