1. I got a laugh out of this because of a conversation I recently had with a co-worker. She believes that you can’t let a cat near a baby because it will suffocate the baby in its quest to lick any traces of milk left on the mouth. Why a cat would be interested in human milk or formula is beyond me.

      1. That’s an old wives’ tale from way back. Actually, it used to be said that a cat would “steal your breath”. Then it morphed into “lick the milk off of your lips”. But I have to say, I think it comes from a time when people didn’t have central heating and cats would curl up with babies to get warm. I know this happens because my husband grew up in a very old farm house that didn’t have heat in the upper floor, and they had barn cats that would often sneak into the house and then go curl up with the babies — which freaked out my mother-in-law, who would pull out the “steal your breath” wives’ tale.

      2. @ Nowax: “Steal the baby’s breath” was the exact phrase she used to describe the accidental suffocation. I tried to explain that the belief was an old wives’ tale, (actually, I erroneously called it an urban legend) but she insists it true because she read it in a newspaper, although she couldn’t tell me what newspaper or the year it was published. She offers futher proof of the notion based on experiences with her own cats, namely that they’ll put their mouth over her mouth–and nose– after she has drank milk. *SIGH*

  1. I have a cat that does this very same thing every time I get worked up about some political issue while I’m watching the Daily Show. She doesn’t do it when I have an argument with my husband or anything else. Just when I get worked up about politics. Must be something in the tone of my voice. But she will come over and meow loudly and “stroke” my head to get me to shut up. It’s very funny.

  2. Where’s that cat when I’m at Red Robin for happy hour (don’t judge, it’s the closest one to my work)? There is ALWAYS a crying baby and the parents don’t care.

    If someone brought their infant to the neighborhood bar down my street it would be seen as abuse, but if you bring an infant to a corporate-kitsch restaurant and get blasted on pitchers of New Moon, it’s all fun and games.

    I feel better now, had to vent.

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