• Red Robyn

    Ladies and gentlemen, please spay and neuter your cats. ntan <—cat on the keyboard…Thank you

  • smittypap

    Wicked! I want a barbed penis!

    PS. What Red Robyn said.

  • Nowax

    Now you know why female cats scream in alleys. Hence, the term, “caterwauling”.

    • Bacopa

      The loud, high pitched sounds are male cats intimidating each other. Females in heat make a low pitched growl that raises to a medium pitch.

  • MacCrocodile


  • fwonk
    • Rampage_Rick

      Yeah, I’d like to order the brain enema please…

      Oh, you’re out? How about a couple of taps with the Forget Me Stick?

  • Dave

    Oh how wonderful is God’s design!

  • Furnace

    I’m willing to bet a lot of Furries choose to skip over that part of their costume.

  • danno

    I’m pretty sure I was in a band called “Barbed Cat Penis” back in the late ’80s.

  • Guestspeaker

    I’ll never look at my cat the same way again.

  • EV

    It looks like something out of Tremors!

  • J

    D’uh moment of naration: “The more often she mates the more likely she will become pregnant.”
    I get that they are refering to the greater concentration of ovulation hormone but that line could use an edit.

  • senorglory

    fucking cats, man.