• McGee

    We seriously need to get this going here. No more of this “peace on earth” stuff, or “Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary” crap. I want horned demons that scare the shit out of children.

    This would be a total blast to attend. Plus, look – actual snow! It hasn’t snowed here at all this month, except for flurries a few weeks ago.

  • Mike K

    GWAR-ey Christmas to all!!

  • Mike K

    So what the hell do they do on Halloween?

    • Was ist das, “Halloween,” Amerikaner?

      • Mike K

        Not much different from Christmas, apparently.

  • Incredulous

    Gimme THAT old-time religion.

  • BeatnikHusker

    Would you believe that this ISN’T the 1st time something crazy has come out of Austria?