1. Really couldn’t stand them because of the constant christian music in their thrift stores. Now I’ll never set foot in one of their stores again.

    I give to the United Way each year, but I request my donation goes to the cerebral palsy foundation. If I didn’t, some portion of it would go to the Salvation Army.

    1. I’m hard pressed to find a more excruciating noise to than contemporary Christian pop, but the uninterrupted racket from the front door of of my supermarket has got to be on the short list. How are those well-meaning, misguided volunteers not driven totally fucking insane? Does SA recruit the deaf?

  2. I won’t donate to the bell ringers, but I buy clothes at the Salvation army. I don’t make much money, and five shirts for five dollars is kinda hard to beat. Most of the stuff I buy there is almost if not completely new. No other thrift stores around have the quality or prices they have. That and most thrift stores have mainly women’s clothes. It has always bothered me that they are a christian organization. I feel like our choices as consumers are narrowing down to fewer and fewer companies, each one more despicable than the next. What is a person to do?

  3. Also bell ringers are torture for those of us with severe tinnitus, I have to put a finger in my ear to go by them otherwise the constant tone in my ear gets aggravated and it feels like a knitting needle in my skull. I support Goodwill out here, the Portland area has the most successful of the Goodwills and their job training and assistance help greatly to those with disabilities.

  4. I’m a recovering catholic / agnostic. Not fond of christianity in any shape.
    But………..the money donated does make things easier for those less fortunate. Every time I see a red kettle I (or my kids) slip a dollar bill in and have a few pleasant words with the bell ringer
    They’re every where so it kind of adds up but, hey, it’s the time of year for giving and it does help the community.

    1. Sorry, whether it helps someone or not, those strings are just too much. There are plenty of charities out there that won’t turn you away if you’re gay and plenty of detox centers that don’t make Biblical verse part of the treatment.

      1. Hang on a second… while I fully agree with you on giving your money to other charities instead of The Salvation Army (we should. The salvation army is a fundie lunatic organization), let’s not distort what their practices actually are: 1) according to them, they do NOT discriminate on who gets their charity benefits. 2) They *DO* discriminate on who they hire, who they support politically, etc. .. so, while yes they are complete douchebags, at least they don’t withhold help based on sexual orientation (or so they claim).

        Sources: Wikipedia

        Skeptics etc..

    2. In addition to discriminating against some people in need based on the superstitious blathering of iron-age sheep-herders, the Salvation Army is also entirely unaccountable for its spending, due to its status as a religious institution.

      That’s right, The Salvation Army, unlike most other major charities, is not required to file public information because it is considered by the IRS and state authorities to be a church.

      There are many charitable organizations worthy of your donation who don’t discriminate, you can research them here.

      If you are feeling charitable because “it’s the time of year for giving” consider your local Christmas Bureau and/or food bank.

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