• Except that the Postal Service is NOT broke http://www.truth-out.org/last-union/1315492298

  • Mike K

    One more problem Netflix will have justifying its rate increase.

  • In my little town, we’ve always allowed three days for a stamped letter to get to a recipient in town, at least seven days to get anywhere else. That caused all kinds of problems when I started getting paychecks by mail; now I get paid by PayPal. When we signed up for Netflix, the 2-day turnaround astonished us. I guess the rest of the mail service jumped on the delayed scheduled years ahead of time here.

  • DR

    All of this because the Repugs in Congress have explicitly attempted (and right now, it looks like they’re succeeding) to destroy the postal service and replace it by private corporation, in direct contravention of the US Constitution, by imposing pension requirements on the Postal Service which no other institution has.

  • Frankly

    From MN to New Hampshire
    FEDEx 2 day = $21.09
    UPS 2 day = $19.15
    USPS = 44 CENTS

    And to top that off – USPS ends up delivering a lot of FEDEX & UPS packages for them.

    • Rampage_Rick

      And with USPS out of the picture, you can bet those other prices will double.