• passerby


    • I may have lied.

      • pvc

        “All previous statements are inoperative” – Ron Zigler (1973)

    • Mahousu

      That was not intended to be a factual statement.

    • Angry Sam

      He didn’t have facts to back that up.

  • MacCrocodile

    Who isn’t a fan of Shutterstock images? Those ladies know a good stock photo site when they see one.

  • S. Norman

    It seems one of the letters of support from one of the women might be not be a real letter. Hmmm… how did that get by them

  • Mike K

    If he had used Ashley the Snorg Tees model I might be able to get on board with that.

    • I don’t Know Mike I have always dug Alice

      • DJ

        Yeah Alice is great, she also occasionally has the perfect expression of “someone just explained my shirt to me, NOW I get it!”

  • Jessieomc

    This is kinda unrelated but I thinks its super funny.

    My hubby and I were at the mall in Savannah GA last weekend and saw a big redneck truck with lots of anti-Obama propaganda on it and there were 2 smaller signs on the tailgate that said “Honkees for Herman” and “Crackers for Cain”. It was hilarious. I tried to get a pic of it but the camera on my phone is too shitty.

    • pvc

      “Klansmen for Kain” would be the all time winner.

    • jane Gumb

      Let’s beat Obama with a Cain…..

  • Frankly

    These women all want to be part of the Cain Train!

    I think they may have misunderstood what a ‘train’ is

  • mrclam

    I made the mistake of skimming through those testimonials: “Sir, I firmly believe that you were sent to our nation through Divine Providence ” etc. I had to read through quite a few before I was convinced it really WASN’T a satire. It’s not a good sign when it becomes impossible to tell the difference between reality and jokes…

    • Poe’s Law, perhaps?

    • magpie

      Hint: Religion is a joke.

  • Ryno68

    If you’ve been hit on or had an affair with Herman Cain, give us a thumbs up!

  • passerby

    Check the site again, the ladies all done gone went and vanished!

    • Along with the word “for.” So now the site is titled “Women Cain.”

      • magpie

        Wonder what their rates are for a caining?

  • Erich Schrempp

    Women for Cain also tend to use a LOT OF CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • jolon

    Now it has Gloria Cain, but she looks like she is trying to pull away so she can run as fast as possible