1. The Woodlands. No surprise there, probably both teens or young adults in the cars that mom/dad bought for them. Lotta money to waste in that community.

  2. Old news to me… Apparently the car on the right is a 23 year old kid. Phoned his mommy while being arrested, and she told him to ask to be taken to the hospital instead.

    The car on the left apparently belongs to a total douche rip-off artist, who’s sold crappy parts to fellow Corvette enthusiasts. They’re just eating up the karma now.

    1. Worked a nasty accident many years ago down in League City (south of Houston) involving rich kids totaling their new Mustang Cobra (lost control at 110MPH), nobody would cop to who was driving so all were going to jail and suddenly they felt the need to go to the hospital. One who was in worse shape with the car on top of his arm turned out to be the driver, I think he goes by ‘Lefty’ now.

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