1. Probably not. Churches get a lot of leeway to do whatever they want. If they started advocating for a politician or a ballot measure, they would at least raise some eyebrows, but churches are usually afforded the right to do whatever the hell they want within their walls.

  1. This, along with last week’s news that KY has the highest percentage of smokers in the US (29%), makes me once again very proud to be a Kentuckian. I’m a nonsmoker, atheist, and member of an interracial marriage, so I’ll probably be killed when I head home for Christmas this year. It’s been nice commenting with all of you.

  2. PS – I searched high and low for this church’s contact info, using all my powers of google, but I couldn’t find anything. I’d love contribute to the hate mail campaign that’s brewing, but where the hell are they?

    1. The news clip looks old; this might not be a current report. Chances are, the church went out of business as people realized it’s not the 1950s anymore. I may be wrong though (on both counts).

    1. Thank you! I don’t usually have trouble with abbreviations, but every time I see this story, I imagine a very lubricated church.

  3. Call me crazy but I think this is good news. Better to have bigotry and ignorance out in the open where it is for all to see rather than the quiet kind which is virtually impossible to prove and IMNHO more pernicious.

    “Let the ass bray, but recognize that he’s an ass.’ -Anon

  4. As a product of an interracial marriage, a half breed married to a white Brit, and a grand daughter of a very stoic Jamaican Anglican minister, this gets on my last nerve! When my parents married in the mid sixties at university in Canada no one batted an eye so really wtf is this? Even my stoic grand father (rip) would say WTF?

  5. I deplore racism or bigotry of any kind, but it’s also like – “they won’t let us in so we can rally against gays and woman who have abortions – wtf?”

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