Birthers Cause a Scene at NH Ballot Law Commission Hearing

The birthers are still out there:

In a mostly overlooked episode earlier this month, the so-called “Birther Queen” Orly Taitz appeared before the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission to call for the removal of President Obama from the state’s presidential ballot. Taitz, the Soviet-born lawyer-dentist-real estate agent, has been on a multi-year mission to prove Obama is secretly Kenyan, and no amount of evidence will dissuade her. But she’s not alone – nine members of the NH state house signed on to her complaint.

It came as no surprise to see Taitz embarrassing herself in yet another venue, but I found it remarkable that there are still elected officials willing to lend their names to her effort. Then I watched the video of Taitz’s presentation and the angry antics of the state representatives supporting her, and it made more sense – they’re no better than Taitz.

Here’s Taitz talking about Obama’s real Hawaiian birth certificate: “This is not even a good forgery… I have three kids. They could’ve done a better job.”


  1. She’s a lawyer-dentist-real estate agent? She should have become a used car salesperson instead of real estate so she could have the trifecta of most hated occupations.

  2. The saddest part for me is not that Taitz believes what she does or that she found nine members of the NH state house to follow in her delusions, it’s that she has three children she’s passing her hate and ignorance to.

  3. On a serious note, public officials in these kind of open sessions should receive some kind of training on how to deal with nitwits like this. She was yelling and demanding for far too long, yet nobody seemed to really know what to do.

  4. NH has one of the largest house of representitives in the country so 9 of them have no real say. Also, they are paid less than $200 per year to work for government so you usually get a few odd balls who have too much time on their hands. Luckily there are some other more stable minded folks who might be conservative but are not completely insane.

  5. “This is not even a good forgery… I have three kids. They could’ve done a better job.”

    – I have three kids, and they’ll have three kids, and they’ll have three kids and they’ll have three kids.

    That’s the real “birther” problem.

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