1. I could care less about what she said but those made up headlines are lame attempts at comedy. I guess people find it funny because it is aimed at Fox or because she’s blonde or both. What a waste of a click on my mouse to open that webpage.

    1. It’s clear you lack the contextual knowledge to apreciate the meme. Same thing has been done to Bill O’Reilly before, and not because he is a blonde. Yes, it is aimed at Fox, and the nonsensical ways used by them to fight liberal policies and movements and thoughts.

      On another topic, I really don’t see the point of writing a whole comment to mourn for the waste of a click…

  2. Just heard about this one, I thought “she didn’t really say that did she?”. Then I watched the whole clip of her and O’ Reilly, then it put the quote into context. The whole interview is actually a farce. She says “from a legal standpoint I don’t know if the cops done anything wrong, we’re gonna have to learn more about the facts”, so essentially you’re just gonna go on your opinion and make shit up instead of actually doing any sort of journalistic research into the subject you are presenting?.. oh yeah I’m talking about FOX here, forget it.

    Anyway, they both deserve to have a good long taste of this food product, a four course meal in fact, with dessert and all of it digested through their eyeballs

    1. I watched the whole thing too. It sounds to me that while she does feel that something had to be done to break up the sit-in, she also feels the pepper spray was excessive, but she doesn’t want her comments to sound too liberal (she works for FOX after all). She even said that the cop didn’t “look like he feels threatened” in the video, but then follows it with, “but I can’t see what’s going on around him, so we don’t know.” Her comments were pretty much riding the fence, which, for FOX, is being pretty liberal.

  3. I think my old security director used the exact same phrase regarding O.C. when we were learning about it, before each being sprayed with it.

    Oddly enough this is the same guy who posted a picture on facebook of a U.S. soldier protecting a middle eastern woman and child during a fire fight and captioned the picture “Let’s see a liberal democrat do THAT!”.

    1. Funny, my minister of re-education and national affairs said virtually the same thing at the last cabinet meeting! Maybe they’re related?

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