1. It’s so difficult for me to watch the actual movie anymore…because this scene has me laughing even before it begins.

    And the sad part is, it’s actually a tremendous scene when taken seriously. Bruno Ganz excels.

    1. I think that’s the reason why the meme is so great though. It’s because that Ganz’s performance is so memorable that adds to the comic effect with the silly subtitles.

      1. The man was a real-life villain, whose acts afflict the mind of humanity to this very day… nevertheless, the desparate gaze at 3:38 is something few actors are brave enough to grant to such a character.

  2. Actually I didn’t think this was the best one of these – BUT, the self-reference to the Hitler reacts meme takes it above most. That really made it great.

  3. I see what they did there. They have deconstructed one meme by jutxapositioning it with another meme, and whilst making a comment on memes in general they have still managed to maintain the humour necessary for the first meme to function. Works on many levels. oops. Sorry.

    Lol, but needs more cats.

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