• Brian

    Who wants to tap that ass? Ha Ha! Come on, up top!

    • Dale

      If you were referring to the mule, that’s even funnier.

  • Dale

    “Pattycake, pattycake, baker’s man,
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can….”

    • MacCrocodile

      “Roll it and pat it and mark it with a J, and throw it in the oven for about five thousand people and me!”

  • Dale

    I’m leaving you for the donkey.

  • Dave

    “I saw this show in Tijuana…”

  • Dave

    “What’s up with the man hands?”

  • James

    See, if your ring finger is longer than your middle finger it means you’re gay.

  • Dale

    “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

  • Dave

    “Shit, Jesus, who taught you how to pack a mule? That’s some fucked up Beverly Hillbillies shit you got going.”

  • Dale

    As a carpenter, Jesus really only knew how to make tables.

  • Troy S

    Simultaneously: “Talk to the hand!”
    “Hahahahah, you owe me a Coke!”

  • Dale

    “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!”

  • Dale

    No, no. You use both of your OWN hands to clap.

  • Jean
  • Dale

    Way back then, this was known as 1st base.

    • smittypap

      And now, in many religious circles, this is known as second base.

  • incredulous

    Who knew that JC’s favorite film was Barbarella?

  • Ryno68

    The rules of this game is to get as close as you can to the other person without touching each other. Oops, looks like you won.

  • Marlea

    The donkey: Just wait until your dates over sweetheart, you won’t think I’m the ass anymore.

  • hinten

    They’ll never know that those pitas are made from donkey doo.

  • PopCollector

    Live long and prosper.

  • jesica

    Patty – Christ, Patty-Christ, Carpenter.

  • jen

    donkey’s eyes bulged in shock as he overheard Jesus describing to the young lady on the other side of the invisible glass what a conjugal visit was

  • MacCrocodile

    “Okay, so now if you go over and touch the donkey, the circuit should be complete. If this works, I can finally go into electric engineering and leave the dead-end world of carpentry behind.”

  • MacCrocodile

    “Mom, you know I love you, and I’m always happy to see you, but I rode all the way out here to help you make pita bread? You’ve got two perfectly good hands, you can flatten them yourself.”

  • marvinj

    M – They think I’m an virgin !
    J – They think I an the son of god!
    M+J = Holla!!

  • MacCrocodile

    “Let she who is without sin give me the first high five!”

  • Mike K

    We all played this game as kids:
    “Now, with your left hand, rub your thumb and forefinger up and down both of our hands at the same time. Feels weird, doesn’t it?”

    • MacCrocodile

      “And–I think we’re doing this right–if you look through it, it looks like a vagina.”
      “Look through what?”
      “The hole. Don’t you have one?”
      “No, is this what vaginas are supposed to look like?”
      “How should I know?”

      • Mike K

        I remember not understanding that the first time someone showed me that trick.
        “OK, now, open your palms a little bit. What’s that look like?”
        “It looks like the space between your fingers.”
        “No, no. Dude – what does it… look like?”
        “I dunno. Let’s go to the 7-11 and play Pac-Man or something.”

  • fwonk

    “Then I stole all of his furniture and his donkey!”

    “FUCK YES!”


  • Venture Free

    I really hope that solvent gets here soon.

  • Danno

    “Qui-Gon Jinn, don’t worry about that Darth Maul guy, – you’re the best Jedi ever. Before you go, let’s kick some ass”

  • Troy S

    ‘The ‘Homeless, please help’ sign only got me dirty looks, but with this ‘Son of God’ bit we’re get a mule, bread, anything we want! That was a great idea! Gimme some skin, hustlah!”

  • McGee

    “What do you mean you forgot to put on any protection?”

  • Brian

    “I’ll show you my loaves if you show my your fish.”

  • Brian

    When I hang out with the Trinity, my Father and I like to perform this thing called the Eiffel Tower on the Holy Ghost. See how it works?

  • “Okay. With the payment of the donkey, you are now fully enrolled in the Mime School of the Holy Spirit. The first lesson….the glass box!”

  • EV

    “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun – I saw them do it on Jackass. Now, how long does it take this glue to dry?”

  • Form of: a Tyrannosaurus!
    Form of: an ice-skating rink!