• danno

    Cyni-kitty, “I am so eating your ass when you die.”

  • LL

    That’s pretty good. I’m always happy when I can balance coins on my cats’ heads. Never tried a water bottle before. “Here kitty kitty! I’ve got a treat for you.”

  • Ty



    SHATTERED DREAMS, i.e, “THIS is what I had in mind when I agreed to pose for you, you heartless biped.”

  • dang

    He knows where you sleep. He knows where you keep your toothbrush.

  • MacCrocodile

    “In good time, my friend. In good time…”

  • jen

    I can see it in his eyes. He’s plotting revenge.

  • Angry Sam

    “Come on, Cynikitty… you’re a feline… a hunter… don’t let the big pink two-legs get the better of you… maintain your dignity… serenity now!”

  • Axton

    At least your cat makes healthy drinking choices. Mine’s an alcoholic.