• Christ, what an asshole.

  • Dave

    Karma can be pretty shitty.

  • Brian

    I ran out of Jesus pictures so here is another asshole

  • Dale

    The Lord is my shepherd mix.

  • Dale

    Every dog in that neighborhood nose Jesus.

  • Dale

    This is why we call them church Pews.

  • jen

    Gah! You could have at least put a modesty patch on that!
    However, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson here: don’t click on Cynical-C during lunch break.

  • Zorbo

    Penn Jillette would say: And then there’s this asshole.

  • And the Ass Saw the Angel


    • 1984

      The good book.

      • 1984

        By the good son

  • Dale

    Unleash the power of the lord.

  • Mike K

    Once again, Jesus is the butt of the joke.

  • Cornjob

    This is just for the person constantly voting thumbs down…. “Jesus?” 😉

    • Cornjob

      Jebus…. “not so” interesting FICTION! LOL.

  • MacCrocodile

    How dare that dog disrespect the Beegees like that.

  • Dale

    Spreading the word of Jesus to all the trees and hydrants.

  • Dale

    This explains the “Curb Your Deity” sign I’ve seen at the park.

  • MacCrocodile

    Nothing but a bunch of shit comes out of that guy’s mouth.

  • Wendall

    Who would have known that Cynical-C would lead my family to discover Jesus. Right here in our living room. We have a yellow lab who is very confused with our behavior right now.

  • ? Yooouuu’re my-y, brown-eyed girl! ?

  • McLir

    Bless this mess.

  • Mike K

    Jesus and Butthead

  • landrew

    Your Eucharist wafers taste like shit!

  • landrew

    So what did your dog have Last Supper?


  • albaby

    Dog ass me, cow shit I know?

  • 1984

    “No buts… go to Jesus!”


  • ingsoc

    You can buy it from eBay.

  • Mark Loy

    “What the…!? This isn’t a piece of toast! I got to get a better publicist.”

  • Guestspeaker

    Holy $hit!!!

  • Like Guestspeaker said…
    And Jesus did utter “Holy shit!”

  • Dale A

    Can have job now Mr. Cain? pant, pant, pant

  • Dave

    Unless you’re the lead dog…the scenery never changes,