1. I have a pair of latex devil horns glued to my head. Nothing else as far as costume, just the subtle devices. Fun to see double-takes as I sit in my office.

  2. Im too tired to dress up today. But since I was doing stage work saturday night (halloween party) I dressed up like a bitchy sound engineer.

    The best costume I saw was a group of 10-ish people all dressed up like waiters with headshots. They were out of work actors/actresses.

  3. I haven’t dressed up in at least ten years. Haven’t been to a Halloween party….uh, ever.

    When the kids are trick-or-treating tonight, I’ll be out running or lifting weights.

  4. I went as zombie prom king and got all zombied up with a ripped shirt/ pants, fake blood, dead guy facepaint, dead rose (my girlfriend had a matching dead corsage). I had a lot of fun!

  5. I wanted to resurrect my Amy Winehouse zombie costume, but I just had a baby and my bloody dress doesn’t fit so well anymore.

    Instead I’ll be sitting outside with a witch hat, my grad robes, candy and a garden hose. Damn teenagers with their body glitter and plastic fangs, better stay the fuck off my azaleas.

  6. I’m made up as a witch, wearing all black and long, dangling skeleton earrings. Tonight I’ll add a cape and a witch hat. Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays–everybody dresses up with homemade costumes.

  7. I went to work as Firefox. Being an SF Giants fan, I have a lot of orange clothing. In addition to wearing orange from shirt down to shoes, I wore fuzzy orange ears and a tail and carried around a big inflatable globe all day. My fellow librarian was Internet Explorer and our tech aides were Chrome and Safari.

  8. I didn’t but wish I had.

    Kids in costume are enjoying my haunted courtyard, though. Have all the crap- rocks that shout out warnings, skeletons that shake and shiver in the tree, etc.

  9. My costume was a “recently unemployed person” The best part was I didn’t even need a costume as my employment was terminated as of today… Or, I could also say I was going as a serial killer (because they look like everybody else)

    I do still have my wicked costume from 2 years ago: Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men. Black pants and shirt, vest, wig, plus I carry around a small CO2 tank with a short hose and air ratchet. Didn’t feel like making the effort this year…

    I’m planning on cheering myself up shortly by blowing shit up. Bought some illegal fireworks on the way home.

  10. I didn’t dress up, but I was wearing an eye-patch, due to the fact I had an eye infection. People wondered what the hell I was, some said Snake Plisskin, I went along with that

  11. I have a futuristic costume (okay, its some old clothes that I painted silver) that I plan on wearing next Monday, at which time I will be a time traveller who missed his mark.

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