1. Looks good. We make Naan bread in a similar way (with lots of butter/ghee!), but they don’t puff up/inflate like that. We use a griddle/dry frying pan for the first side and then put them under the grill (“broiler” in US) to do the top side, which looks like what the “Arabic Oven” that she refers to does.

  2. They bake fine in a hot oven on a pizza stone. I roll the next one while another is cooking to make them the fast and not use so much counter space. The oven has to be hot to make them puff up correctly.

  3. Last time I made pita bread, it was seriously time-consuming. Lots of “knead and let rise” for four hours. Her method seems a lot more along the lines of making flour tortillas, but with the inclusion of yeast.

    That said, she’s cute and fun. It’d be a blast to hang out with her and learn new stuff — language or cooking.

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