1. Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase and that other guy that has a late night show from Saturday Night Live.
    Carrot Top and Dane Cook should be up there as well with Dan Aykroyd.

  2. I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this, but I’m nominating the entire “classic” cast of SNL, including Belushi. Never once made me smile. Now, I’m not saying they were the worst, but they are certainly overrated. The Blues Brothers is idiotic. So is Ghost Busters and Samurai Deli and Coneheads and Land Shark, etc. It’s comedy for moronic teenage Americans.

    @apachesux- I don’t think anyone has ever rated Carrot Top highly.

    1. I always got the impression that early SNL was just a bunch of college students screwing around with a camera. Dan Aykroyd (pre-crazy) and Bill Murray stand out for me, though, and Ghostbusters was excellent.

  3. Steve Harvey. Tyler Perry. Carlos Mencia. Chris Kattan. Adam Sandler. Jeff Foxworthy (in fact any ‘blue collar tour’ types). This list could go on a long while. Comedy is subjective but I find many ‘comedians’ horrid and overrated.

  4. I gotta agree on Will Farrell, though Stranger Than Fiction was pretty good (but I credit the screenwriters and Emma Thompson with that victory).

    Farrell is just one in a long list of comedians who can do good work if they are given a script to follow and not allowed to ad-lib. Robin Williams (see Good Will Hunting, cf. Patch Adams), Jim Carrey (The Truman Show, I Love You, Phillip Morris, cf. The Mask, Ace Ventura)…

    I hate Sasha Baron Cohen with a fiery passion. I have not seen–nor will I see–Borat or whatever his other one was, but I enjoyed him in Sweeney Todd (at least something was enjoyable about that trainwreck). I really hope he does a decent job with the Freddy Mercury biopic. I’m not a big Queen fan, but Freddy Mercury deserves a good movie.

  5. In order, from worst to not as worst:

    1: ROBIN WILLIAMS (Just do your gay voice and the southern preacher bit and get the hell off the stage)
    2: DANE COOK (I can’t even see what teenagers like about him.)
    3: JIM CAREY (A good actor – he was awesome in Man on the Moon, but when he does the retarded man-child stuff I could shoot him
    Any of the other actors that think screeching like a brain damaged five year-old is comedy.
    I guess Louis CK. is the only one in the last decade or so that makes me laugh. His stand-up bits are excellent, but even his two TV series suck.

    1. Speaking of Man on the Moon, I never found Andy Kaufman funny. Maybe I just don’t get it, but his character on Taxi seemed to be just a guy with a weird-sounding voice, and his other stuff bordered on performance art, and most artists make me want to drown them in a bucket.

      1. Perhaps I spoke too harshly. Although I don’t always understand his appeal, he certainly doesn’t belong on the same list as anyone else mentioned in this thread.

    2. As far as I’m concerned, Robin Williams’ madcap stream-of-consciousness standup from the 70s and 80s has given him permission to be as terrible as he wants for as long as he wants.

      1. That’s the thing that annoys me about him. While the performance is in the eyes/ears of the beholder, he doesn’t ‘t turn it off. Any time he’s in front of a camera – hosting a show, in interviews, etc. – his dialogue is always so sporadic and peppered with sound effects that it’s frustrating trying to understand whatever he’s trying to say. He’s another that shines in dramatic roles but I hate his comedy. That being said, Mork and Mindy was my favorite show. But also, I was about 12 back then.

  6. Will Ferrell. Everything he does is forced and loud. He’s even on record as saying there’s “something very funny about yelling.” Uh, no, you moron. There’s not.

  7. I was going to say “Jerry Lewis”, but when he was paired with Dean Martin and other folks he could be very, very funny. (The French are still screwed up by revering him, though)

    Dane Cook – and I hesitate to mention him because the question was concerning an overrated comedian, and he’s yet to show that he’s any sort of comedian (ditto for actor). After watching a 10 minute set of his, with the audience laughing, all I could think of was WTF were they laughing about? He was ranting, but not about anything funny, nor was he making any clever observations.

    The bozo with the dolls (Madam, the skeletal muslim, etc.). I’ve been a big non-fan of his for decades. Madam is not funny, nor that old fart doll.

    I once saw a guy who’s tag line was “the world’s funniest cajun.” His schtick was to lay down a scenario, then follow with a “punchline” that was effectively “What the F**K was up with that?!?” (or maybe a more sophisticated “the C**T PISSED in my FACE!”), where “F**K” was yelled at such a volume that your ears rang for days. FWIW – I did learn an appreciation for the silent movie comedians after trying to tolerate the cajun bozo.

    1. No, no I don’t think I’m funny. That’s why I’m part the audience. It’s the comedians‘ jobs to be funny. It’s up to the audience to decide whether anything is worth laughing at.

    1. Funny you mention that. I have XM Radio in the car and there’s a station call “Blue Collar Radio.” Its shtick can be summed up as “look what a lowbrow idiot I am.” I turn it on once in a blue moon when I crave something that’ll make me just totally nonplussed. It is kind of depressing, too.

    1. He has his moments, Anchorman wouldn’t have been the same without him. He just did too much in too short a period, America got sick of him.

  8. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Even though their presidencies are very funny as unintentional comedy. But they are by far the worst I’ve seen in that Correspondent’s Dinner special. But well, C-SPAN, amirite?

  9. For these opinions to be meaningful, I’d like to know who you think IS funny.

    If Will Ferrell has never made you crack a smile, who has made you LOL?

  10. I think I understand the problem with Farrell. He is quite brilliant at improv and on a set it must be a blast to watch him, but he throws out everything that comes to mind, regardless of if it works with his character or the story. The director remembers all of the laughs on set and doesn’t cut all of this excess shit that doesn’t move the plot forward out of fear of cutting all of the funny away. You are left with a sloppy story and unbeleivable characters, and you end up wishing he would just stop whatever it is he’s doing. Case in point is Step Brothers, the trailer is very funny but if you watch the movie it is a mess.

  11. This is unpopular to say out loud, but David Cross. His stand up is mostly sloppy run-on stories, Mr. Show was 10%-hit-90%-miss, and if you watch carefully, you’ll realize he’s the least funny character on Arrested Development.

    And so that I can end on something we all agree on, Margaret Cho.

  12. I hated Will Ferrell until I saw the dinner prayer in Talladega Nights.

    “Dear 8 pound, 6 ounce, new-born infant jesus in your golden fleece diapers, don’t even know a word yet–but still omnipotent–we just thank you for all the races I’ve won and the 21.2 million dollars…”

    1. Dear Lord Baby Jesus, lying there in your…your little ghost manger, lookin’ at your Baby Einstein developmental…videos, learnin’ ’bout shapes and colors…

  13. I’d say Carrot Top, but I’m afraid he’d Hulk out on me and rip off my head.

    I’d say Dane Cook, but you asked about comedians, not about total jag dorks.

    I’d say Ferrell, but everyone else already beat me to all of his faults. I never understood his undeserved fame from SNL. I’ll MARGINALLY give him Anchorman, but that was an ensemble cast effort.

    A vast majority of the current SNL cast are a disappointment, too.

    I’m going to have to go with Adam Sandler. If I hear him do that insipid childlike aboo-daboo-daboo voice thing again, I swear, I’m going on a three state spree.

  14. I want to say Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0), though I’ve heard his stand up is actually funny. The show is not.

    I also never found Rita Rudner’s shtick funny, or Sarah Silverman’s standup, or Seinfeld (any of it).

  15. I don’t see the appeal of Sarah Silverman. She seems to think “if something isn’t funny, just use vulgar language.” And she uses a lot of vulgar language. Maybe she thinks it’s funny that a cute, innocent-looking young woman has a mouth like a sailor. Or maybe her comedy just sucks.

    1. In all fairness to Sarah Silverman, Betty White has been playing that sweet-but-vulgar act since the forties, possibly even as early as 1939, and everybody loves Betty White.

  16. Will Ferrel is overrated, but I would not go so far as to say “not funny”. Keep in mind, he was the best guy on SNL when SNL was terrible. Due to lack of options, studios signed him to do too major movies in a short period of time leading to over exposure. Yes, he plays the same character is every movie. Yes, his shtick is well worn. Yes, he does too many “it’s funny because it’s loud jokes.” But the guy has great delivery and comedic timing. I like him in small doses.

    I would say Chris Kattan, but “overrated” assumes he should be rated at all.. How about Andrew Dice Clay? Even in his hayday he wasn’t funny.

    1. I forgot about Dice (thanks for nothing! ;)) I never saw his appeal either. He’s another one that thinks any joke is funny as long as it includes X-rated language.

    1. I agree with the first 3, except I’d replace Lewis Black with Dennis Miller. I can’t freaking stand Richard Lewis. The way he stutters through his act and touches his forehead constantly makes me want to kick him in the walnuts.

  17. I don’t find Sacha Baron Cohen appealing in most of his roles: Ali G, Borat, and Bruno all suck. He was palatable in Talladega Nights and Sweeney Todd

    I utterly dislike Adam Sandler in any role he plays an idiot (see Billy Madision, The Waterboy, Big Daddy, Little Nicky) I do enjoy him in other roles, such as in Mr Deeds, 50 First Dates, and The Wedding Singer. I should point out that while Sandler was tolerable in Anger Management, Jack Nicholson made me want to gouge my eyes out with rusty hooks. That man CAN’T do comedy!

    Ditto to previous comments about Will Ferrell. I wonder if he can even turn off being an idiot?

    Jeff Dunham is black/white. I really like parts of his act (Achmed, Walter, Peanut, and Little Jeff) but I can’t stand others (Bubba J, Sweet Daddy D) His appearance in Dinner For Schmucks was a wash, and his TV show sucked balls.

  18. I say Mitch Hedberg just because I know popular he’s on this site >:)
    But seriously, he’s not funny at all to me. Lame jokes, poorly delivered and the jokes in his acts has nothing in common with eachother, just one-liner after one-liner.

    1. Yeah… I agree.

      *sigh* Because if there’s something I need more of, it’s enemies. Sorry, guys, I just don’t find him all that funny.

    1. I like Christopher Titus, mostly because I never see him, but I freely admit the dysfunctional family/broken home schtick gets old quick. He made a sitcom out of it I liked, but he needs new material. The last comedy special I saw of his was more like a one person play than stand-up act.

  19. Larry the cable guy is the worst. EVER. My husband thinks he is hilarious and when he makes me watch I want to burn my eyeballs out with a hot poker and pour acid in my ears. Bleck!

    I am definitely not looking forward to my kid growing up to like Tow-Mater from cars.

  20. Definitely Seconded: Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys was ment to be a comedy? really? oh well.), Mitch Hedberg (although tbh I have not seen a lot of him) and Sasha Baron Cohen (with the Talladega Nights and Sweeney Todd exceptions, (perhaps he needs to be directed and produced by someone other than himself).

    But my king of the anti-comedy is Ricky Gervais. I just think he is slightly less funny than wallpaper paste and The Office (UK) was just ‘cringe humour’ of the worst kind.

  21. I think the problem with Will Farrel is that that while he can be great (Stranger than Fiction, even Elf) his most terrible terrible work (I’m STARING AT YOU ANCHORMAN) is absolutely worshipped.

    In the UK The Mighty Boosh destroy my head because none of it is remotely funny and everything is the first bad idea that came into their heads. This is then passed off as ‘a bit random’ which is like a really horrbly lazy excuse for surrealism. When I watch it I want to scream at them to do some actual work!

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