1. They had to raise prices and, unfortunately, they did it in a very stupid way. Then they had the Cockster qik-up and they had to perform a humiliating u-turn.

    But the backlash of whiny internet business “gurus” who couldn’t see that it was still a good deal (hell, a great deal) was scary. The stench of entitlement was palpable.

  2. I still use them (I don’t have cable tv, so I watch shows/movies via streaming) … and while they don’t always have the latest movies available for streaming, I’m ok with it. At least for now.

    However – here’s a silly gripe of mine: they have every season of “The Wonder Years” *with* the original music available for streaming. Why, oh why, can’t someone put out WKRP on DVD with the original music selections? Hehh? /getoffmylawn!

    1. OMG! I would totally love to watch WKRP with the original background music. If you watched the first run or the early reruns, you can’t put up with how they hacked the music.

  3. If Netflix makes a serious attempt at getting most of their content steaming, or at least offers a more sensible selection of streamed titles, I could see myself going back. Sometimes $8 a month is worth instant gratification. Several months back I was with a group of people that wanted to watch the Care Bear’s movie at 4 in the morning, but Netflix only had the second movie available on streaming, we ended up watching the sequel and it just made no sense at all. Why were Bear’s shooting laser beams out of their chest? Why were half of them not bears at all? What was with their cloud home, was it like heaven or something? Were these Bear’s dead? You get the idea, we had a lot more questions than answers, which wouldn’t have been the case if they didn’t offer things for streaming at random and put series out in order.

  4. Admittedly Netflix could have handled the pay increase better. I think if they just told the truth that they are being squeezed by movie and tv show producers as well as the Internet bandwidth overlord Comcast (and I think maybe Verizon too) everyone would have been more sympathetic.

    People really should be pissed off at the movie studio’s. They are gouging Netflix. For example at how greedy they are, did you know of the $10 ticket you pay at the movie theater, 80% is going to the movie producer and 20% to the theater on the opening week? As time goes on more of the ticket % goes to the theater, but less people go to see a movie as the weeks pass by. In some cases some movies have a 90% or 95% movie producer cut on opening weeks! No wonder popcorn is so damn expensive. The theater has no choice but to charge high prices.

    A year or two ago I recall one movie studio head being quoted as saying he wants to put Netflix out of business. The movie studio’s want to stream movies on their own sites which would require the public to have to sign up for each one. It’ll suck for sure. They may be banding together perhaps so you could stream them all on one site, but you can bet it’ll cost a lot more than what Netflix is charging! I for one will be sticking by Netflix. The site is easy to use, they have everything and I really like them. This situation can’t last and when they’re gone all the Netflix haters will be lamenting their loss.

  5. I wonder how many billions the genius CEO that approved this clusterfuck will be given when they show him the door. Probably have to lay off a few thousand workers to make up the difference

  6. Their main office is right across the street from where I work. I want to go out there with a banner of demands like “Bring back Babylon 5” and “No more Veggie-Tales.”

    I’m worried that the 30-day waiting period for new titles is going to kill Netflix entirely. I’m also pissed that a lot of newer titles are missing the special features. Both these things are supposed to make me want to buy the blu-ray, but it just pisses me off. The studios are to blame, they want more money for movies that are merely okay.

    1. I’ve heard from the hard-of-hearing folks I know that many of those rental editions of DVDs are so indiscriminately stripped of features that they often lack captions.

      1. I haven’t seen one without subtitles, (it helps with the screaming infant to have them on) but the Bridesmaids Blu-ray had NOTHING except the movie on it. The menu was complete, which made it super-frustrating. It was all like “you gotta buy the real thing to see all of our Cock Baby jokes.”

  7. It comes down to the old saying, “I expect to be kissed when I’m getting screwed.” They aren’t offering anything new for the increase, so to hell with them. I’ll sit through the commercials on Hulu first.

    1. Netflix’s real problem is that their 60% price increase made a lot of their subscribers rethink their current ways that they get movies. That’s what it made me do at least. I realized that most of the movies on my queue I could go without for the time being or get them in a cheaper, alternate way.

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